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Garrett Euro ACE metal detector

Coils for Garrett Euro ACE



The Garrett Euro ACE is an inexpensive, simple, functional metal detector which is equally used by both beginners and more experienced treasure hunters. This is the last device in the ACE line of detectors. It is designed for land search of different coins, rarities and items. The Euro ACE allows you to search in not deep waters as the detector can be submersed just up to the control housing (the coil of the unit is waterproof only, however the control housing isn’t).


The electronic circuitry of the Garrett Euro ACE metal detector is based on VLF technology. The operating frequency of the device is 8.25 kHz which is perfectly suitable for deep search of different objects in soil. The Euro ACE has simple control housing with an intuitive interface which displays graphic Target ID, detector settings and the level of charge in batteries.


The metal discrimination on the visual scale is divided into 12 segments, where each one can be on/off depending on discrimination settings. There is a depth indicator with a grading scale of 4 values (in centimeters). The additional functions that enhance abilities of the Garrett Euro ACE in search include an adjustable sensitivity and pinpoint mode which provides an accurate location of an object before digging up. The sensitivity of the detector is adjusted in the range of 1-8. A 3-tone audio response is applied for indicating a find of different types of metal. There is a 6.35mm headphone jack on the back side of the control housing.






The Garrett Euro ACE metal detector comes equipped with a standard Garrett 8.5×11” ACE DD coil.


Besides, a great number of other coils of different sizes and parameters are produced for this device. The power supply of the unit is 4 AA usual batteries or rechargeable ones. The size of the device is 106-129cm (adjustable height). The weight of the Garrett Euro ACE (assembled) is 1.3 kg.


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