MD 6300. Chinese remake of Garrett ACE 250 (look at it!)

Chinese are selling a MD 6300 metal detector. Even a blind man can see that it’s a China-made Garrett ACE 250. BUT! It has unexpectedly turned out that the counterfeit machine has a feature which is 100% demanded by customers but is stubbornly ignored by the original manufacturer. It’s the control box that can be quickly removed from the shaft. Take a look at it!

Apart from the quick-removable control box, look at where the headphone socket is located. Allows a 3.5 mm jack plug to be used. Plus, it seems that the battery cassette can be removed and the power supply may be universal. For instance, with another cassette it may be the rechargeable batteries. By the way, is anyone embarrassed by the number of batteries in the pack?

Do you see a coil cable? Yes, this unit comes with the cable hidden inside the shaft. It’s an awesome feature of expensive – and, as we can see now, Chinese-made – machines.

The armrest is quick-removable, too. And now just imagine how compact the metal detector is if it’s possible to remove its armrest and control box, with the coil cable hidden inside the shaft.

All about the Garrett ACE 250 is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Garrett ACE 250. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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  • Well, with the introduction of the ACE 300 the ACE 250 is being phased out, it will be available until parts run out and then ‘that’s all folks’. This Chinese ‘knock-off’ is styled so as not to be confused with the ACE range so I guess that Garrett probably won’t go after the Chinese manufacturers in the courts.

    I have been told that when compared in side-by-side tests the Chinese copies/fakes don’t do well at discrimination, depth and recovery speed. Has anyone done a comprehensive test/video of a Garrett and a Chinese copy side-by-side, if so that would be interesting to watch.

    I do like the new position of the headphone jack, I always thought that Garrett made a mistake placing it where they did. I have seen a modification where a ‘detectorist’ ran a cable from the jack, through the shaft to the back of the arm cuff, a very sensible modification for the ACE series.

    I have seen clone pin-pointers at the market and the one I tested seemed to work well, although it didn’t exactly copy the original. When I questioned the seller who assured me it was an original he removed the item from his stall and that was the end of that! If he had dropped the asking price I would have purchased one as I’m quite happy to use a Cen-Tech pin-pointer, it works well, I don’t abuse it (using it like a digging tool as I have seen some do on You-Tube), but it does not like the hot weather and is unusable in the oh so very hot Australian summer… So a second, cheap pin-pointer would have worked for me, my only issue with them is they continue to try to pass fakes as originals!

  • Thanks for this post.
    Where i can buy it? It will work like ace 250

  • There are great Chinese fakes.
    Sometimes they are better than the Original.
    Fakes are great because it will force big companies tot make better detectors.
    Fakes are bought because there is a market for them, if you want serious detecting, you probably dont buy this chinese fakes.
    I personaly advise everybody to buy, if you don’t want to pay top dollar, a Bounty Hunter tracker IV. an Original.
    The only real problem with fakes is, that there will be people that will quit the hobby because they can not find things. That is a real problem.
    Rik from the Netherlands.

  • You are right Md hunter…..
    Big companies are becoming lazy.
    I saw a Minlab clone, and that was very well made and 1/6 of the price. My depthtest was very good, for 95% same as Original, very good for amateur market. (not professional)

    Garrett has to step up and innovate or lose a big part of the market.
    But it does not matter…. the market Always wins.. if garrett does not innovate… others will.. and the company will go bankrupt. Just the way things go.

  • ))

  • I bought a md 6250 initially for fun after I saw a review on youtube saying it works with all ace coils. I had a spare ace coil so I figured it would make a good backup machine. As it happened it was equal in all respects to my ace 250. The arm cuff was actually stronger than my ace. I found the most valuable ring I have ever found, an $1100 platinum ring with a diamond with this detector. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this md 6300 is just as good. I just saw that there is now an ace 300 lookalike out there. So I might pick up one of those instead.
    However, despite the fact that these detectors are similar to garretts, they aren’t fakes. This is similar to a garrett but different enough that it would be hard to call it a fake. It may use the same plug but these parts are readily available online from many suppliers. Likewise, other electronic parts are also readily available. It also has lots of features which aren’t on the garretts…ie forward facing plug, hidden wiring, removable control box, breakaway arm cuff, and possibly interchangeable battery box…all in all creating a real challenge to a higher priced garrett. Not sure if it has a volume control but hopefully…

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