gold finds

Hoard of gold coins found on January 2nd 2018. Come take a look!

It happened one evening, 2nd January 2018, in the Catholic Cathedral of Saints Martin and Nicholas in Bydgoszcz, Poland. A huge 16th-17th century hoard containing 480 gold coins and jewelry items was discovered on the right side of the altar during renovation works. The Yellow Gold Dog seems friendly disposed towards unexpected finds )) Take a look at the pictures of treasure! Continue reading

Gold Dog Coin Discovery. Wish you all such a find in 2018!

2018 is the year of the Yellow Dog. Yellow symbolizes gold, and the dog represents having a nose for something, sensitivity to the invisible, repeatable results and perseverance while searching. You can be out with your machine 10 times in a row and don’t find anything, but then suddenly uncover gold on your very 11th outing and say, ‘oh yeah, 2018 is my LUCKY year, I wanna find such a thing again!’ And you will definitely pick it up, just go on digging… Continue reading

Found: Seal of Solomon. Finder arrested

A metal detecting enthusiast was very lucky to find a bronze seal believed to have belonged to King Solomon, a few golden figures, some golden tablets (with really gold leaves) – 11 artifacts in all. He was arrested after trying to sell the items… Can you imagine such an announcement on the Internet? Sort of “WTS: Solomon’s seal, attributed to the King in medieval Jewish tradition, is officially considered lost. Goes with the golden tablets containing Jewish sacred texts and golden figurines”. Either the sender of this ‘for-sale sign’ would be considered crazy or the police would be already on its way to him. Here are the pics of the finds (worth your while!): Continue reading

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