Underwater box for Garrett ACE. Photo & video

Do the Garrett ACE owners want to try underwater searches? It’s possible. See the photos & video: a cool underwater box for Garrett ACE 150/250/350/Euro.


Made of polycarbonate, very strong – the box can withstand the weight of a car. The author of the accessory claims that a metal detector, with this box on it, lay at a depth of three meters for 24 hours straight.


For the Garrett ACE 250, ACE 350 and Euro ACE metal detectors, the controls are completely saved. For the Garrett ACE 150, the controls are limited (the buttons do not coincide).
The box is mounted on the shaft – standard location of the control box.


The box has positive buoyancy, so when finding a target you can quit hold of your detector – it will swim nearby.















This box costs… $100. As for the Garrett ACE, it’s expensive (in my opinion). But if such boxes are made for other models, it’s going to be interesting. For instance, the Makro Racer works much better in saltwater than the Garrett AT PRO does. Although, the Makro Racer is afraid of water.

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  • hi
    I am interested at this box
    thanks :)

  • Hi sir,

    How to buy this underwater box for Garrett Ace?

  • Not really expensive when you consider most specialty underwater housing from Ikelite can cost up to $1000 for cameras. I found it very reasonable.

    The one I ordered arrived last week and is is really high quality, no complaints.
    I originally planned to use it for another PI project then found another housing that would be more suitable to my use. So I gave N. Americans a crack at purchasing a housing by putting it on ebay.
    Selling for what I paid for it. Worth every penny.

    By the way, you have an excellent website here, great reference tool.

  • I just looked, they are sold threw “NEL” and there on sale for 59 $.
    1-19-16 at 10:30 p.m. P.S.T. a little mod to be pre done, but looks easy enough.

    • Oh, follow the link on “YouTube” channel will get you to the site.

  • The question I have now is, will this accessory fit the newest versions of the ACE series aka the 200/300 /400 ???

  • Do you have a link to the website where to buy this box?

  • Jaka cena jest tego waterproof box do Garrett 400i ??

  • Does it fit the 400 and if so how can I buy one?

  • Tianxun tx 850 box underwater?

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