Hoard of gold coins found on January 2nd 2018. Come take a look!

It happened one evening, 2nd January 2018, in the Catholic Cathedral of Saints Martin and Nicholas in Bydgoszcz, Poland. A huge 16th-17th century hoard containing 480 gold coins and jewelry items was discovered on the right side of the altar during renovation works. The Yellow Gold Dog seems friendly disposed towards unexpected finds )) Take a look at the pictures of treasure! Continue reading

Hoard is almost always fear. Photos

Almost any hoard is saturated with fear… Having amassed possessions, you are afraid all these things can be taken away from you. You might run away, but you can’t take it with you. After stealing something, you want to tuck it away. Or, when going on a hike, you don’t have anybody to entrust your inheritance into his care… In each case, when burying a hoard, people also dug their own fears along with it into the soil. Continue reading

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