Quest Metal Detectors

New Metal Detectors: Quest X5 IDmaxX and Quest X10 IDmaxX

Manufacturer Quest Metal Detectors is known in the metal detector market for its affordable models. They never aimed to be the best in their category; they simply produced inexpensive detectors with average capabilities. However, at some point, this segment caught the interest of Nokta, followed by Minelab. Due to the resulting competition, today’s affordable metal detectors have features and capabilities comparable to mid-range and professional classes. And most importantly, there is now a wide selection of models to choose from! Continue reading

New Quest Scuba Tector with discrimination feature. Novelty 2019

Why do a mini metal detector and a pinpointer need discrimination? The new idea that was created by Minelab in 2017 has gone further. Quest Metal Detectors has added the discrimination feature to its underwater mini Quest Scuba Tector machine and Quest XPointer PRO probe. Continue reading

Quest X10 metal detector. NEW 2019 (+ clarification)

Quest Metal Detectors has announced the second X-series machine – the Quest X10. But there is one important clarification: the X-series detectors can’t be used underwater. Although being rainproof, they however can’t be submerged in water. So, what new features can we expect in the Quest X10? Continue reading