DEPAR DPR 600 (XP Deus clone, UPDATED 3). NEW 2016

Do you remember a pink XP Deus? Maybe it’s not a fake, look at this new product… XP Metal Detectors have released a clone of their XP Deus – a DEPAR DPR 600 metal detector for gold prospecting. Surprise is not the word for it. However, you aren’t aware yet of the price for DEPAR DPR 600…


  • Operating frequency (XP 22.5 HF coil, round): 15/30/53 kHz (+ 21 stepped shift)
  • Operating frequency (XP 22.5 HF coil, ellipse): 20/40/80 kHz
  • Sensitivity adjustment: Yes, 99 levels
  • Recovery speed (Reactivity): 4 levels
  • Sound, tones: 8
  • Manual ground balance: Yes
  • Automatic ground balance: Yes
  • Discrimination: Yes (IAR technology)
  • Search programs: 4+2
  • Volume control: on headphones
  • Screen: Yes, monochrome
  • Screen resolution: 8192 pixels
  • Screen backlight: Yes
  • Software updates: Yes, USB/ Internet
  • Wireless headphones (similar to XP Deus ones): Yes NO
  • Factory coil: 22.5 DD, waterproof
  • Power supply: rechargeable batteries
  • Remote control battery life: 27 hours
  • Coil battery life: 27 hours
  • Wireless headphones battery life: 20-28 hours
  • Full charging time (remote control, coil, headphones): 3 hours
  • Battery level indicator for coil, remote control, and headphones
  • Weight of metal detector with remote control on shaft: 900 grams
  • Weight of shaft and coil (without remote control): 800 grams
  • Weight of shaft: 455 grams
  • Adjustable shaft length: 58 to 130 centimeters
  • Operating temperatures: -5 °C to +50°C
  • Warranty: 2 years


Affiliation with XP is revealed by the fact that the DPR 600 accessories shown have XP marking. The DEPAR DPR 600 review is carried out by Gary Blackwell, an official blogger of XP Metal Detectors.


So, a DEPAR DPR 600 is undoubtedly not a fake. It’s a real new product from XP, but under a different name (simply said, it’s a clone of the already existing XP Deus).


The DEPAR DPR 600 machine has been developed and will be produced in France (according to the seller). It’s completely wireless like an original XP Deus. Works on the same principle: the searchcoil, remote control, and headphones have been made independent and can work in conjunction with one another. For example, a coil + headphones. Or a coil + remote control + headphones.


The DEPAR DPR 600 coils are the very ones that have been revealed this autumn (2016). Two new XP 22.5 HF coils: an elliptical and round ones. The main difference from the already existing coils is operation on a super high frequency and the battery now located in the shaft. According to the manufacturer, due to the high frequency XP detectors (by now, there are two of them: XP Deus and DEPAR DPR 600) can be used while prospecting for gold nuggets. And a powerful battery in the shaft can provide more operating time when hunting for gold.

Clarification: An XP 22.5 HF ellipse coil has a previously unknown specification in its description – an operating frequency of 20, 40 and… 80 kHz (!). The other XP 22.5 HF round coil has the already known operating frequency of 15, 30 and 53 kHz.


A DEPAR DPR 600 metal detector will be produced for Africa and Asia. Here’s a list of countries and provinces from the manufacturer’s website:

Angola, United Arab Emirates, Burundi, Benin, Burkina Faso, Bahrain, Botswana, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Congo, Comoros, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Djibouti, Algeria, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Lesotho, Morocco, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Mauritania, Mauritius, Malawi, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Rwanda, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, S?o Tom? And Pr?ncipe, Swaziland, Seychelles, Syria, Chad, Togo, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Tanzania, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Yemen, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

And the point is… that the price for a DEPAR DPR 600 has been announced as $680. This one is even more incomprehensible considering the fact that the price of an original XP Deus starts from $1,000. Probably the French manufacturer has decided to get revenge on Minelab by breaking the gold metal detector market.


Here’s some new info from the manufacturer: a DEPAR DPR 600 metal detector is an ОЕМ version of XP Deus that has been made for distributor Depar. Under agreement, the machine is being sold only in Africa (see the list of countries above). All the rest should wait until 2017.

One more thing: a DEPAR DPR 600 device has no wireless headphones. The reason why it is so isn’t yet known. It is likely that this version is cut off especially for DEPAR, but the whole world will see a full version in 2017. Or maybe it’s all about Minelab, and XP metal detectors will never have wireless headphones again.


How a DEPAR DPR 600 differs from the XP Deus


The DEPAR DPR 600 shaft is similar to that of XP Deus. Yet, there is a distinction – the DEPAR DPR 600 has a simpler one.

The DEPAR DPR 600 software is modified exclusively for gold prospecting. Its 4 factory programs are based on the XP Deus’ 10th program (Gold Field). Plus, the DEPAR DPR 600 has 2 user-defined custom programs (can be changed and saved).

All of the detector’s settings have been simplified, and now there are less of them – sensitivity, audio response, frequency, reactivity, IAR discrimination, threshold.

The first version of the DEPAR DPR 600 doesn’t share coil compatibility with the XP Deus. Probably its next versions will come with interchangeable coils.

The DEPAR DPR 600 is intended for sale in Africa and Asia only. A similar version of this machine – for Europe and the U.S. – will be released in 2017. The European version will have additional programs to search for coins and relics. Here’s a user manual available. Have a look.

All about a new DEPAR DPR 600 metal detector will be collected here. For a pink XP Deus, see here.

24 Responses to DEPAR DPR 600 (XP Deus clone, UPDATED 3). NEW 2016

  • the price for a DEPAR DPR 600 – $680

  • Very interesting .
    Does this machine run on the new when released coil that is coming for the Deus ?
    Its amazing the price is so low .
    I have had the Deus before and am thinking buying a new Goldmaxx Power.

    Can this DPR work on UK land like a GMP or Deus ?

    • It comes with the new coil wich is not released in europe by now.

    • This all seems to be hush hush in the UK (not any more) but the proposed new updates to the DEUS as we know it was to include the three new frequencies,15khz would work for general detecting,the others would be to high ,,we do have areas in the UK where theres gold in Wales Ireland and Scotland and you can pan for it in some places.
      Having the DEPAR DPR 600 in the UK would be like having Minelab Eureaka with its three frequencies with only one good for general detecting.

  • that is messed up lol. id like they even offer french translation on their website.

  • Wow, neat new nugget detector the DPR 600, I wonder how it will compare with the new Fisher CZX which is not to market yet.

  • Father Christmas please bring me one to try out

  • Since I detect in ground with severe minerals this model appeals to me. I have had several XP detectors including the Deus but the Goldfield mode is what I liked the most. I hope one can be purchased here in America in 2017! Regards

  • This Device seems better than costly devices like titan ger detect400 or BR 50GS
    But explain how we gey here in Pakistan

    • if you are from Pakistan

      please contact master distributor of Pakistan in DETECTORS

      Pakistan Detector Technologies
      Gulberg Green

  • All being said, we Africans actually get the real result of which detector does well. The Dpr 600 has a new coil which can work in a very high freq which the xp Deus never had. And for those who have used Xp Deus before, they can easily understand what has been modified to make it exseptional. The ease of carrying in the bush and going down in deep tunnels is priceless in Africa. On the real field, Dpr600 is the new excitment for artisinals with families to support.

    There are new factory default settings which the user can switch with just one button and have different freq, adjustments with different sensitivity. The ability to ground balance and handle miniralization is unbelivable from a Vlf technology. Anyone interested in real time tests made in Africa, tag here

  • When would this be released in europe? Does anyone know? Come on is already 2017! xD

  • I think it’s time for revolution between Fisher gold bug II and DPR 600,

    I really appreciate this DPR I am on the way to have one. My order will be coming from Tanzania.

  • I need to ask where can l get this office in zimbabwe

  • Can l use this machine for a gold. Detector machine

  • Still not available in the United States!

  • i have since 10 days buy from depar uae,ist cheap 480 its reache my country oman

    but i am looking to update software i any one now how to update pls send info to my e-mail


  • Hi please send me the book growing system

  • Can I metal detect in Bahrain?

  • Want to know where to buy it in South Africa and the exect price of a depart DPR 600(XP Deas clone 3)

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