Quest Q60 (updated Quest PRO). NEW 2019

Quest Metal Detectors are going to release an updated version of the Quest PRO machine in early 2019. The upcoming model will reportedly be called the Quest Q60 and will still remain at the top of the Quest hobby detectors line. So what new features will you see in the Quest Q60?

Quest Q60 (updated Quest PRO). NEW 2019

The Quest Q60 is basically the update of the Quest PRO’s old version. The developers have first of all put right the wrongs and have taken into account suggestions from the detector’s owners. Thus it’s going to be a professional multi-frequency unit able to locate historical artifacts, jewelry, and any metal actually. The distinctive features of the Quest Q60 are water submersion up to 5 meters, smart device compatibility, a built-in battery with a USB charger, optimized saltwater performance.

The manufacturer hasn’t yet revealed the info about new features added to the detector. It’s possible the Quest Q60 will have a different screen, alternative wireless headphones, another coil (or two supplied) as well as an app for the smartphone (a tool providing the gps for the particular geolocation, a finds list, data- and settings-sharing capabilities, tech support). It’s precisely known that Quest Metal Detectors are currently at work on developing multi-frequency devices, new wireless headphones, a wireless probe (to be paired to the metal detector and wireless headset), and md apps for smartphones.

The Quest Q60 will go on sale in February 2019.

All about the Quest Q60 is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Quest Q60. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

11 Responses to Quest Q60 (updated Quest PRO). NEW 2019

  • i have a q40. i wish i didn’t. rubbish. I’ll be upgrading. but it won’t be aq60. it’ll be a nox. buy cheap buy twice.

    • I swapped my minelab sovereign for a quest pro as the minelab was heavy.I only beach detect and have had no bad issues with the quest only good ones.I found 11 euros and a swiss 2 francs at 9 inches on my first search’

  • Pro came with gorilla glass screen ,quality .
    But it tot broken before fittment
    The uk dealer refused to replace because non transferable warranty
    2 months old a ?5 screen protector . On top of that the machine was totally unstable at 20khz . My f75 was silent thanks to dst and totally thrashed pants off it . I swapped for airguns in end coz it was impossible to sell .
    Q20 was very good for money ,but would never buy quest again .

  • And what do you expect from Chinese manufacturer? The first Quest PRO was total rubbish without any logic in menu. And Deteknix (Quest) is testing devices using your money.

    • If Quest is a Chinese manufacturer, Minelab must then be a Malaysian manufacturer :D

  • There is a “tip” about Nokta Anfibio/Makro Kukuruzer/Quest Q20/40/Pro all these
    metal detectors are based on Bounty Hunter Gold/Platinum circuitry. It looks as if
    the First Texas Product developed metal detectors for different companies and used
    old ideas. (Everything “new” is well-forgotten “old”.)

  • Still waiting for release. Nothing new from Quest?

    • Quest has a release date for the new upgraded pro {quest 60} mid jun.

      • Can’t wait for the Q60.
        I have the Q20 with Raptor coil. Works like a charm ? now waiting for the Q60.
        Kooistra metal detecting in the Netherlands is testing the Q60.

  • Tengo un Quest Pro…mi problema es que se degradó el teclado se hizo pedacitos el hule que cobre la cubierta completa del detector..le entro agua de mar,destruyendome el equipo..que me recomiendan..venderan la unida de contril sola?..gracias..tengan cuidado los que tienen este equipo revisenlo.

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