White’s Coinmaster PRO – R.I.P. 2011-2015

At the end of 2015, White’s discontinued the Coinmaster PRO metal detector. Few people know there is a game among manufacturers, called ‘Garrett ACE killers’. They are trying to repeat the success of the legendary detector. And this game started with the very White’s Coinmaster PRO…


Only the Garrett ACE remained (and have even multiplied) whereas the Coinmaster PRO withdrew into the darkness. Yet another milestone passed on the Hunter’s path. R.I.P. 2011-2015.

Only the Coinmaster PRO detector was discontinued, the junior Coinmaster (without PRO) remained. But with the release of the updated Garrett ACE, this machine’s fate is sad. All about the White’s Coinmaster PRO is collected here.

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One Response to White’s Coinmaster PRO – R.I.P. 2011-2015

  • Screw that crappy little Ace 250. No kidding. It is singularly the detector that turned me off to Garrett and even trying the ubiquitous ATPro. No depth, no higher-end features, that annoying bell tone, segment ID, mushy buttons and ugly to behold, IMHO.

    I think a lot of newbies bought the Ace 250 because of its massive market saturation.

    The Ace not only looks like a 1980’s handheld video game, I think Mattel Electronics Baseball has better depth. It amazes me how something becomes so successful when there are better alternatives (think Mac vs Windows)

    Teknetics Delta, Fisher F2, White’s Treasuremaster, Minelab 305 all have features that make them better than the Ace 250 right out of the box.

    Just my rant.

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