Nokta Double Score disassembly. What’s inside the detector

According to the FCC certification program, the manufacturer Nokta has undergone the procedure for disassembling and testing the new Nokta Double Score metal detector. Want to see what’s inside? How the device is disassembled, what electronics, battery.

The certification procedure is quite routine and a serious manufacturer has to go through it. Especially if sales are planned worldwide, as is the case with Nokta. But there is something interesting in this process for ordinary users. For example, in this photo report we can see how to remove the electronic unit of a metal detector from the handle. Another important point, including an underwater detector, is how to open the block housing. The metal detector uses a built-in battery, and we see which one. And much more that will be useful to know both for those who just want to buy and for existing owners.

Photo review

The product is certified and assigned the code – FCC ID 2AJJ2-SCORE.


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