Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer (video, price). NEW 2017

Can any emptiness be sold to hobby enthusiasts, and at a very high price? Fisher have revealed a new product 2017 – the Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer. First, I’ve already seen this probe somewhere. Second, I’ve also seen some product of the same color. Third, it’s no good writing mistakes in their own product’s name. Anyway, welcome the newly produced unit!

Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer (video). NEW 2017

Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer (video). NEW 2017


  • Pulse Induction
  • Beep, vibrate or both
  • Lost mode alarm
  • Single button operation
  • 3 sensitivity levels
  • Proportional response
  • Retune
  • Adjustable LED light
  • Auto shutdown
  • 2-AA batteries (not included)
  • Belt holster included
  • 2-year warranty
  • Constructed from special abrasion-resistant materials



Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer (video). NEW 2017

Here are the important details about the new Fisher F-Pulse: designed for ground and underwater search, water submersion up to 3 meters (10 feet). 360° side scan detection area. Power supply: 2 AA usual batteries. Technology: Pulse Induction metal detector (PI). Dynamic response (proportional audio), becomes more intense as the pinpointer is moved closer to a target. Audio and/or vibration response. Lost pinpointer alarm. Has a ruler molded into its exterior to measure a target’s depth in either centimeters (on one side of the housing) or inches (on the other side). LED backlight. Rubber grip. 3 levels of sensitivity adjustment.

The Fisher F-Pulse probe has been launched for sale, being priced at $149 in the USA.

Let me remind you: Teknetics have revealed their novelty 2017 a short time before – the Teknetics Tek-Point probe. Externally looks identical to that from Fisher, but is different color. But what’s the big deal? Treasure hunters won’t notice the difference anyway and will buy them (even at different prices). All about the new Fisher F-Pulse will be collected here (news, tests, comparisons, reviews).

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  • If the Fisher pinpointer is a bit more pricey than that from Teknetics – as little as $20 – you won’t mind, will you? It’s Fisher, baby!

  • For those who didn’t understand the joke from First Texas:

    Teknetics’ new pinpointer

    Teknetics Tek-Point probe (photos & video). NEW 2017

    Fisher’s new pinpointer

    Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer (video). NEW 2017

    • I absolutely hated my first f pulse. It was complete falsing garbage. I’ve had a few more since then and when they fixed the retune it certainly became a much better usable pinpointer. My first one was bad right out of the box second one went bad almost immediately also both were the first version, bad version. What I’m currently using in my rotation is the red f pulse body with brand new guts from a Tek point. I never understood the logic of making a green metal detector especially a pinpointer. But I compared that tech point to several other Fisher f pulses and the tech point was noticeably more sensitive. It was probably just luck of the draw since I had another tech point that wasn’t quite as sensitive. The Tek piont also has a different sound on startup and shut down. I’m not sure what else they did that was different but apparently there were minor differences. People didn’t complain about the original tek point like they did about the original f pulse. Think I’m going to go find my old post about the f pulse and acknowledge that they fixed it.

      I guess that Bounty Hunter one never panned out.

  • Now we are expecting to see a pinpointer from Bounty Hunter. And it will be the cheapest among these three ones. But it’s a secret. You mustn’t know about it and see these three probes together. And don’t even think of comparing them between each other!

  • I thought it was a new Blair Witch trailer at first.

    • Really it was! Just a piece of witchcraft and new magic wand, sorry,
      pinpointer is ready!

  • News about pin-pointers ? Not realy ! ! !
    It is time, now ! To get a pin-popinter with an indication to show,
    is it a iron or a non-iron target. !!

  • Everyone else is releasing new flagship detectors, and FTP brings us pinpointers….sigh….

  • I need mine labGPZ 7000.
    Kindly contact me on 0266317911- Ghana

  • Pretty harsh first sentiments on what has turned out to be one of the best pinpointers out there. Of course I could’ve told you to expect that, knowing that Carl Moreland was on the project. A man who helped give us the Bullseye TRX, which is also outrageously deep compared to its competitors. He has publicly acknowledged that there’s no difference from the F-Pulse to the Tek-Point other than color, therefore there would not be any difference in price. I’ve spent a couple months using the Tek-Point. I can assure you it’s not a nothingburger. It is one of only two pinpointers on the market that put out the kind of range it has. It is very rugged and feels good in the hand. I can use it on max without falsing. I can most often double check the pinpoint of my main machine with the Tek-Point from ABOVE the ground. Right now it is selling for $129. So I would challenge anyone to tell me why I would want to pay $127 for a carrot, a VLF probe that is not as sensitive, not as well crafted, and has only half the range of these new FT pinpointers. Or why I would want to pay $129 for a pinpointer with half the range and an iron tone that only works when you’ve already been distracted by any iron in the plug as is the case with the ProFind 35. The mi6 from XP is a nice concept, tethering to preferences of the main machine, but the most valuable feature, discrimination is not adopted, and it too has half the range and is VLF based, so cannot handle conductive salt well. The only pinpointers that are competive for range or stability in conductive salt are the Bullseye TRX (range), and the Gold Digger Land/Sea (stability). The Tek-Point/F-Pulse combines the best of both in a single pinpointer and I’ll turn you on to the best secret they have going forward. Both have a wireless module to communicate with future First Texas machines. What’s so empty about all this?

    • I like Carl but fast forward a bit and that is easily the worst pinpointer I had ever purchased. Or perhaps a decent but very expensive paperweight after its 4rth time used. They should have recalled them as they ripped off so many of us on it. I will always avoid the Fisher brand from now on. Never again for them.

  • Mine falses all the time rubbish.

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