Metal detector of the future (XP Deus). NEW 2020?

How can the XP Deus released in 2009 be called today’s most modern machine? By metal detector history standards, this device is a real oldster that will not live longer than a year or two actually… But no such luck. While imagining the metal detectors of the future treasure hunters see the XP Deus only.

Metal detector of the future (XP Deus). NEW 2020?

What’s a smart detector? If you think that this one will be smarter than a human being, you are wrong. A smart machine will do everything the ordinary units are doing now, they will only be more accurate and faster. Plus, a smart detector will help you strike it rich. It’s the only thing you want, isn’t it?

Metal detector of the future (XP Deus). NEW 2020?

Among other technologies possessed by metal detectors of the future will be an augmented reality display. An overlap view of your hunting spots in the future and the ones from the past in real time. Is it awesome?

Metal detector of the future (XP Deus). NEW 2020?

You’ll only need to point your machine at the hole unfilled, and you’ll immediately see the social network profile of the hapless enthusiast who left it.

All about the XP Deus is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other machines, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you need to know before buying this machine.


Here’s a selection of videos showing other smart machines from the future. Although the detector is different but yet also never-dying – the Garrett ACE. Have a look at the very interesting videos:

13 Responses to Metal detector of the future (XP Deus). NEW 2020?

  • The next DEUS desing should be like the one at the “Amazing Fake”
    Fully Submersible
    With access to the battery compartment so , if you want, change it whitout going to
    service or risking damaging it.
    Maybe improve the depth a little more.
    That will be a perfect detector!!
    Another one could be programing any cellphone withe the DEUS program and you only have to buy the shaft ,the coil and the program.

  • Vous avez annonce le disque BB grand profondeur, ilia quelques ans, combien on vas atendre pour revolucionaire? se meme le disque nest pas encore presente kkk

  • The pictures are from my website and they show my proof of concept to extend a metal detector with augmented reality.
    I sent the project as an inspiration to all major metal detector manufacturers, but none except XP has responded. But here, too, was unfortunately no interest in the technology.
    So it will certainly take some time before we can professionally use augmented reality in the metal search.
    Here is a video of the project:


  • Werry cool and look nice.
    But do you need to lower your speed on swiping ??
    Before the program can follow ?

    • You do not need to lower your swiping. If you are swiping too fast you will lose signals in the ground by the detector. The program ist fast enough for normal swiping, maybe you have to adjust your settings to put more objects on the ground if you want to track your search path.

  • You can now download the Android App on or the complete source code on GitHub


  • buongiorno a tutti questa novit? la trovo molto interessante ed utile, io aggiungerei se possibile la regolazione dell’audio sul telecomando e la custodia sub ip68 per telecomando o cuffia.

  • Very slick concept, I would need a very rugged screen protector from the amount of unintended abuse I inflict on my detectors, but I like the way your thinking ahead , and totally not too far out of reach for any companies engineering dept. Cool video!!!

  • I really like this. How do we set this up ourselves?

    I love it!!

  • You will also find that these companies you sent it to will now more than likely be looking at doing it themselves – should have gotten non-disclosures at least to protect your idea.

  • More hype like those long range detectors why do you never see them actually finding something from start to finish?
    Its pointless technology if most of it is nothing more than camera footage with artificially ‘inserted’ detector data theres no need for it you have things called” eyes ” what is needed is the opposite detailed UNDERGROUND footage of what is there not something you can already see!

  • As a former mine clearer, i would not trust anything other than a coil and the sound to find stuff professionally. So how far does these things need to evolve? The more parts and functions, the more likely for something to eventually fail or act wrong.

    The nerd in me would initially love some AR-Alexa talking, live-streaming facebook-posting action. But eventually I think I would go back to basics. That clears my mind on some zen-level. I dont even like displays for the actual search either. Just for confirmations.

    That said. I would find this AR venture awesome. But a good app for searches and GPS locations would probably help more.

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