Whites Coinmaster PRO

Whites Coinmaster PRO metal detector
  • Model Features

    • Manufacturer: Whites (USA)
    • Model: Coinmaster PRO
    • Year: 2011 - 2016
    • Type: ground detector
    • Rating (owner reviews): ★★★★☆
    • Display: Yes
    • Technology: VLF
    • Frequency: 8,19 kHz
    • VDI / Numerical Target-ID: No
    • Manual ground balance: No
    • Automatic ground balance: No
    • Noise cancel: No
    • Sound, tones: 3
    • Adjusting the volume: No
    • Pinpoint: Yes
    • Using headphones: Yes
    • Search coil: Whites 9 Spider
  • Parameters

    • Batteries: 2x 9V
    • Weight: 1,13 kg
    • Length (min/max): 110-135 cm

Coils for Whites Coinmaster PRO






5 Responses to Whites Coinmaster PRO

  • I have this detector I bought used I paired it with a Mars 13 by 10 coil it really improved it over all very happy with the performance …

    • I have this detector too. I bought it brand new for $300. Then I bought
      Detech Ultimate 13″ DD coil for it. The result was strictly negative so
      I measured voltage on the Tx coil and it made only 2.1 V TRMS!
      With such low voltage the device is practically blind! It should be
      21 V TRMS to gain good depth!

  • Do you think that you may have a defective controler? I haven’t measured the the voltage on this unit but I can say it seems to work OK

  • I will get dov meter and measure the voltage to the coil.. what procedure did you use to measure the voltage to the coil do you run a full full sensitivity with discriminate off?? Mine is very chatty when I run in full sensitivity

  • No, controller is OK. The Power Supply is not OK. They connected Tx circuit to +5V and
    that is BIG mistake! They should use DC-DC step up converter to raise PS of Tx to +25V
    at least. To measure the voltage on Tx I used additional pin and socket connectors
    connected with 2 inch of wire. To measure voltage I used chinese C.E.M. DT-9959
    high resolution multimeter – 50,000 counts, 1uV resolution.

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