A collector of old detectors. What for?

See one photo: here be a collector of old detectors. The man has gathered more than 30 models in his collection and is searching for more. Moreover, he isn’t asking for them, but is willing to buy up these dinosaurs. Why are these old machines needed?


These are the real dinosaurs… There are a lot of interesting things in the history of metal detectors. Want to see what they looked like before we were born? Or what was it like going on hunt in a limo in the 90s?


Please draw your attention to… a center left metal detector with green screen and white buttons. Turns out, it’s the Adonis Titanium (France). The really rare machine! Presumably it must have been the pulse induction detector with discrimination feature and VDI. 3 microprocessors, georadar with 3D visualization. And it was 2007!



I am wondering, why didn’t the world see the Adonis Titanium detector? Maybe XP Detectors, another manufacturer, bought it up at that time?

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  • hello my friend, if you are interest , i have also some vacuum tube metal detector if you are interest to display to md hunter, gardiner, fisher with wooden coil, detektron double coil, look




    i am looking for a compass challenger, because when i start metal detector business in 1996 i was starting as compass dealer in italy,

    • Stefano!
      Your collection of metal detectors is great!
      Thank you for excursion into the history of metal detectors!
      The third metal detector in the left row – is that C-SCOPE R1?

      • Hello , I have a HIKER 11T , metal-mineral detector by: kovacs with the user manual. Are you interested in this detector? Thank you for your time

    • i Have an original 1931 metal detector in mint that is made of wood for sale

    • Do you know where I can get a bounty hunter 10 inch magnum coil with grey cable not black
      From 1980s early 90s it’s for big bud or XML or other bhunter models

    • Mi hi there do you by any chance have the manual for a fieldmaster fx200 or 300 many thanks what ever the out come

    • I have a green garret deepseeker would like to get rid of if your interested

    • Hi I have an old compass thing and really old metel detector that still works after all those years in the Attick.
      I could mail you pics if you send me your email

    • I have a Garrett international S1. Battery meter works but no sound. any suggestions.

    • Stefano, are you familiar with a 1971 Garrett Mini Hunter metal detector? I have been told this is a very rare and very sought after metal detector that collectors look for, especially if it is in mint condition. Do you have any for sale? Just curious what your thoughts are about this metal detector?

      Thanks, Joseph

  • Hello, it is a 1220r, if some have interest i can sell some vintage metal detectors

    • Hello!
      Thanks for information!
      I just watched a video from Norfolk Wolf on C-Scope 1220R.
      Very interesting device but a bit expensive!

    • Hi Stefano do you have any Whites 6000 Di Series 2 For sale even if it’s just the control box?
      And also any Garrett Master Hunter Model 6 or 7 even again if it’s just the Control box I’m after
      the Black module with the wires going to the circuit board for the number 6 maybe you have just that part ?Also do you know if Garrett ever made a Depth Multiplier for the Groundhogs 15Khz
      Thanks for your time

    • HI what country are you situated at? And what metal detectors are you selling in the Garrett or Whites do you have a contact email or phone? I’m really interest mainly on the Garrett models
      Master hunter number 3 number 6 or 7 and 7x A2B Gold hunter or Scorpion Models
      Anyone else have this units for sale let us know Thanks Luis

      • Anyone want this antique Goldak 520 b in excellent working condition Bakelite Trimm headset and soundbox. contact me if interested. I’ll let it go negotiable. Can’t find another anywhere.

    • I am interested in buying a vintage metal detector from you.

    • The old green compass on the bottom shelf is the one I am interested in, I had one many years ago, but the divorce took it.

      • Anyone want this antique Goldak 520 b in excellent working condition Bakelite Trimm headset and soundbox contact me if interested. I’ll let it go negotiable.

  • Is there anyway possible to get one of these Adonis Titanium detectors ? I would love to have one. I am in the United States. If anyone knows how or where I can get one that works please let me know.

  • i want, i need, i’ve got to have a fisher model 1260, i’ll trade most anything i have for one, yeek help me please i love ya for ever and a day. pretty please

    • i’ve already said it once, i require a fisher model 1260 ? i have a fisher 555-d that works well and i’ll give it to you for free if you will help me ?

  • Looking for a Compass XP-PRO would love to have one.

  • amazing collection o owned several of those…date check

  • I have 12 old whites what can i do with them. they are Coin masters, gold masters and Alaskans

  • I am looking for a Daytona metal detector by Wilson Newman email or call

  • Hello

    I have a Kovacs Hiker -11T. Working.Was wondering value if any and would want to know if you be interested?


  • i have a fisher 1260x. I dont hunt . it was left to me after my dad passed a few years ago. My son is interested in hunting so i thought i would get it out and try to figure out how to use it. After reading the manual, I cant get it to work. I thinking it needs a coil and I’ve searched the net and cant find one. It seems useless the way it is. Any advice?

  • Here’s one that the collectors would give their left gonad for. A Wilson ATD. Paul Wilson was an eccentric genius of sorts who had unique concepts of coil design.

  • I am shopping one sacand hand matal detector
    Small price you Halp me

  • Hi do jou know anything about the treasure hunter 880 i’ve got one but i can’t find any information about it

  • Hi anny garrett old ones for sell

    • pls delever me in cebu city phil garrett metal detector secondhand only, im joey sagayno call me.

    • Hello Joel, just looking thru old conversations on the net , it”s a bit late but i have a Garrett TR Discriminator The American S-2 model 1980 mint nos in orig. box with manual works and looks perfect if u are interested or know anyone that is. Can send pics if u are interested

  • I am in need of a battery tray holding 9v. batteries. for a Garrett electronics ads VLF/tr deep seeker

  • electronics schematic fisher 555 d metal detector

  • Do you have a Periscope pinpointer probe?

  • Are you still looking to purchase working metal detectors?

  • Hi everyone!

    Just found this site. Some folks here really have some nice old models!

    I was given some pieces of an old metal detector, some years ago. All I have are the control box, and the magnetic coil head, but no “tube”. The best I can identify it as: GARRETT “THE HUNTER”. I know it’s a pretty old model (probably around the early 60’s, or early 70’s at the very best). I know that when I opened it to change the batteries ( 2 X 9v ), I recognized it used the older silicon transistors, and an old-style Aluminum-vaned air-dielectric variable capacitor for the tuning!

    I love the fact that it is housed in a sturdy metal case, rather than a plastic one, as is common nowadays.

    I have taken a photos of it, to show here. If ANYONE has some info or perhaps even the “specs” of this model, I would LOVE to hear about it, as I need to check if any of the parts on the PC board are going to need to be changed out or not. The device does appear a slight bit weathered, but it does power up.

    I am one of those who likes to restore old electronics, and see if I can get them operating like brand new again. I used to work on radios, too! Loved the old classic models, especially HALLICRAFTERS radios!

    • Hello,

      I have “The hunter” all intact it works and came with two coils and the “suitcase ” carrying case along with operator manual.
      Would like to sell to someone that would appreciate it.
      My father in law purchased this new in 1971.
      Thank you,

      • Hi Brian,

        Thanks for the thoughts! Unfortunately, I am ill-financed to do much buying of anything right now. I am mainly looking for a manual, or at least something about the technical specifications of it. I actually found the shaft for it, but still need to find or fabricate a swivel so as to attach it to the coil head.

        BTW: What size coils do you have for it? You mentioned you had two different size coils.

  • Jim,

    I have the standard guessing 10 inch coil and a 22 inch coil.

  • Hello. Im hoping someone might be able to assist me in my quest.
    In 1980 my father purchased a Garrett VLF/TR metal detector, he built a wooden suitcase with individual compartments for all the seperate parts.
    After he passed away a coupla yrs ago we found the wooden suitcase in his shed containing a very brand new never used metal detector.. he never got to go prospecting when he retired,
    Im unsure what i should do with it..
    Because its so old yet never used is it worth much..
    The electronic system is spotless and has no corrosion on the terminals that i can see thru the battery cover.
    That brings me to my final question. Is it possible to replace the 6pack 9 volt battery rake with a more modern power system..
    Any assistance with my enquiries is muchly appreciated and i thank you in advance for any help given
    I have enclosed some pictures of the unit and parts
    Regards Anthony

    • Hi Anthony
      what city are you in?
      I might be able to help you if you are interested in other selling or any information on the detector your father was using by any means Thanks

      • Hello Luis
        Sorry for the late reply,
        I live in Perth western Australia,
        Since posting on this site IV managed to take the detector to my local beach and test drive it,
        No gold jewelry but found bits of wire and other small iron objects,
        I’ll admit that I’m impressed with it, brand new 40 yr old metal detector,
        Someone that has no idea how to operate it and I found things on the beach.
        I’m currently looking thru the folder that’s full of paper work on the detector, even found the receipt for it, Dad paid $816.00 in August 1980.
        Is it possible to get my private email address to you,
        Kind regards Anthony

    • The battery tray is the most vital part of the detector. You may be able to get one off eBay. I just bought a few old model but haven’t had a chance to figure something like you want yet.
      Hopefully no batteries were left in your tray. A lot of info is now on line on how to operate the detector. Do a search. Coils are hard to find.

      • Hello Karl,
        Thanks for getting back to me,
        Sorry for the late reply,
        We found that the detector and all its attachments are in near perfect condition, battery bracket and all the electronic system is corrosion free.
        It’s a 40yr old brand new metal detector, I even have a folder full of paper work about the detector,
        Dad paid$816.00 in August 1980
        Between youtube, google and my one working brain cell plus useful advice from others who know how to drive this green machine,
        Dad’s long term investment might actually pay for itself..
        Appreciate you taking the time to contact me,
        Kind regards

  • Want to buy 10 inch coil with grey cable
    For big bud and other 80s early 90s bounty hunters

  • Can anyone help me with some research please . Trying to find out what a diving/underwater metal detector would like mid 1960’s ?

  • Hello! I am new to antique metel detectors, and I recently purchased a Gemini in an auction and discovered it’s battery was both obsolete and leaked. What can I do to get power to this beauty? Anyone know of any mods? I think the previous battery was 6 volts. Thanks for that help and happy hunting.


  • I had the old red bounty hunter and was told it had good guts. Can you tell me what company made the guts in it? I found a lot of cool things with it.

  • I have G.e.b / GEBbTR- Discriminators metal Detectors let’s talk

  • I have a vintage TeKnetics 9000B. It needs a new battery tray and a digital read out scale… and both overlay stickers . One for each side showing the brand 9000……Help.

  • I am looking for a battery compartment for a vintage Garrett metal detector.
    It was probably purchased in the 1980’s by my father in law in Western Australia.
    I would also like to obtain a maintenance manual.
    Please advise any information available.

  • Not sure the value but would like opinions but it was made by Tesoro in 1989 thought to be made like there eldorado but pillar electronics didn’t want there name associated with them then they folded two years later just curious any information on quality or value would be nice maybe would sell it for the right price

  • I need an on and off switch for a white classic please if you have any

  • I just picked up a Kovac Hiker 11T from an antique shop. Does anyone know anything about them? I’m also looking for a rod since mine didn’t come with one.

    • Hello , I just saw your post from September 2021 about the
      Kovacs-Hiker 11T .
      You asked if anyone has any information on it and I am happy to tell you that I have everything you need.
      I acquired my Kovacs when it was found in a storage locker that I had bought at auction. It came with no rods just the wood case and the baked grey control box with the straps, it also had all the original paperwork which was a typed (by Kovacs I would guess) 4 page owners manual that details the operating instructions and a brochure that’s professionaly done that was used to sell his detector. Photos of him and also the detector unassembled showing parts.
      If you’re still looking for info or if anyone reading this is looking for info on the Kovacs-Hiker 11T you can contact me by email and o will send you copies of the owners manual and the brochure , which you must have to complete the story behind the detector. All I ask is the you pay for the copies and the postage. $5.00

  • i am looking for a Garrett Master Hunter 7 ADS

  • I just purchased an old Garrett metal detector at an auction. It is “The Hunter” model. It came with a 2″ coil, 5 1/2″ coil on a rope, 8″ coil, 13″ coil, and a 22″ coil. With the exception of the 22″ coil, it is all encased in what looks like the original suitcase. It also has the original headphones. It does not look like there is much wear.
    I’m trying to find out more about this detector. When did this model hit the market? How long was this model on the market? I would appreciate any feedback.

  • Hi. I have a vintage Magnum Bounty Hunter Professional Metal Detector. Can’t seem to find one like it online. Any idea of it’s value?

  • I have in box with everything Garrett grandmaster 2 metal detector for sale add is on Kijiji Windsor Ontario Canada

  • I have recently come across a Garrett the achiever I was curious to see if it’s worth anything

  • I have a Garrett grand master cx ll with a depth multiplier but with no 3 way plug. Garrett no longers carries this item and I wanted to see if anyone has one for sale or what gage or wires so I can have one made.

  • Buenas noches
    tengo esta máquina de los años 80 es del ejército español,está completo no sé si funciona pero por la pinta está prácticamente nuevo.
    Por si algún coleccionista le interesa.

  • I have a garrett all purpose master hunter detector for sale I’d your interested.

  • I have over 200 Metal detectors that were part of the estate I purchased. There are all kinds of different brands. They have been stored in a building and seem to be in great shape for the most part. Can anyone tell me a ball park of what this collection is worth? Thank you so much!!!

  • I saw that listing when you listed on ebay and it is now about to go off. Honestly whatever you get for it is what it is worth. Most looked to be of the dinosaur variety. Whoever gets those will be crashing the ebay market for old detectors as they are fairly hard to flip already unless they are newer meaning top of the line late 80’s and 90’s or older in perfect condition. Most of yours seemed older and from your pictures even disassembled. I am sure there are a few gems hidden in the bundle but your pictures used didn’t really show them. It is too bad you didn’t know what to look for. You did have a few old whites and they have a decent following. I saw a lot of BFO type and those not as much a lot of those will not work just due to old crusty capacitors. Someone will have fun with them but I decided it wasn’t worth renting a trailer and driving from Florida to pick up. Now had gas not been so high right now (thanks Putin, Douche) I may have, because there were bound to be a couple gems in there. With patience they would sell off individually in time for someone so long as the economy doesn’t tank for bit. That always puts a damper on selling collectables. Had they been newer, people day dreaming about detectors and treasure makes them almost recession proof, not that we are in a recession, we are not. I lot of us have single detectors that cost new as much or more as you may get for the whole lot. On the plus side some of those old ones with discrimination and ground balance perform better than most new digital Chinese cheapy’s. But lots of people getting into the hobby do not realize that. I would have liked to see more pictures.

  • I have an original Garrett Pocket Scanner that I bought new in 1982. Garrett’s first handheld detector. It works perfectly in silent mode or warble tone. serial number 029. If anyone is interested. can send pics.

  • I have the First Edition Bounty Hunter 1. If anyone interested send me an email. redladder13@gmail.com

  • Hello Everyone,
    I have a White’s Nugget Master with 5 Wooden Waterproof Coils Dated 1967. Would Anyone be in the market for this relic? Sixfiveguy2010 Yahoo dot com.

  • pics

    • Hi!
      I was just looking on this web site to see if I could find out what batteries are used for this same detector! It looks like 1- 9v battery, and something else. That’s what I need to know! If you could possibly send me a picture or just text back, I would really appreciate it!! Thanks!

  • Hi, I wonder if you can help me.
    My uncle has a detector of sorts and he is trying to find out exactly what it is.
    The pole is fixed at one angle and the round base is very large.
    I have Google for him but nothing is quite like it.
    I have tried to attach a photo but it won’t allow. Please do you have an email address I can send this to.
    Please can you help us,
    Many thanks.

  • Garrett Master Hunter ADS Version 1 in great working condition

  • How I just purchased a Garret American S-2 detector at an estate sale. It’s like new except for the meter is broken. Do you know where I can get I’m rear excited to use it.

  • Hello
    I have a Garrett Scorpion which I have had since a kid. It has original bill of sale and the bag and manual. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement coil as mine has cracked with age. Tried the Lego al place bought from but no help.


  • I have a eldorado tesoro metal detector if interested Emily me desireediggs1@gmail.com

  • Mam na sprzedaż Garrett s3 groundhog
    Naprawiany był przewód przy cewce

  • I’m interested in buying old obsolete metal detectors. Email me what you have

  • Hello yes I got a technique coin computer LSD I was found in my grandpa study just put recently passed and I was wondering if you were interested in it it’s pretty vintage serial number is TK 1571 I can’t find really find no photographs on your side so I mean the same type but as you can see you’re the man so hit me back up my name is Nick

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