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The Garrett AT Pro International is a semi-professional metal detector. It is designed for ground und underwater search of coins, valuable things, items and jewellery. The AT Pro International is an amphibian detector, that’s why it works equally well not only on land, but also under water at the depth up to 3 meters.


The combination of ground und underwater detectors in one device increases opportunities for searches on all terrains. The Garrett AT Pro International is both water- and dustproof machine which allows it to be resistant to mud and to operate trouble-free in wet environments.


The electronic circuitry of the Garrett AT Pro International metal detector is based on VLF technology. The device operates at a high frequency of 15 kHz. The control housing is equipped with the LCD-screen which displays information about a found target and the detector settings. There are two rows of buttons located below the screen, with the help of which the device can be fine tuned for specific search conditions. The AT Pro International is the first Garrett detector which received the ability to display a metal conductivity.





The device is equipped with a discrimination scale which can be tuned and which has a large sector provided for low conductivity targets. The metal discrimination on the scale is divided into 20 segments, each of which can be excluded from search. There is a depth indicator with the scale of 5 values (in centimeters). The AT Pro also has VDI/TargetID (with 0-39 VDI numbers (Fe) for an iron sector and further on scale up to 99), adjustable sensitivity, ground balance, pinpoint mode and electrical interference elimination (4 frequencies). The sensitivity is adjusted in the range of 1-8. The detector has both automatic and manual ground balance. A 3-tone audio response is applied for indicating a find. The detector has a 6.35mm headphone jack.



The Garrett AT Pro International metal detector comes equipped with a standard Garrett 8.5×11” PROformance DD coil. Also, for this detector there exist other coils of different sizes and parameters. The power supply of the unit is 4 AA batteries. The size of the device is 106-129cm (adjustable height). The weight of the Garrett AT Pro (assembled) is 1.4 kg.




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  • The Garrett AT Pro International is a version of the Garrett AT Pro metal detector designed for European market. There are slight changes in discrimination. A depth scale is in centimeters.

    The Garrett AT Pro International configuration may differ from usual Garrett AT Pro (designed for sale in the United States).

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