Minelab Equinox 600/800: software updates. New firmware worse than the old?

Minelab have released a software upgrade for their Minelab Equinox 600 and Minelab Equinox 800 metal detectors. According to the manufacturer, the biggest problem – silver target indication, because of which the Equinox owners even threatened to sue Minelab – has now been solved. This issue became a hot topic in summer 2018: the Minelab Equinox users complained that their devices couldn’t see (or properly identify) silver finds, e.g. coins.

What’s new in the Minelab Equinox software

Minelab Equinox 600/800: software updates

Changes in the Minelab Equinox 600/800 software have primarily affected the silver target ID. It was the most important, and most unpleasant as for the owners, problem that needed immediate solution – there were a lot of customer complaints after noticing that their detectors had missed silver items.

It’s rather difficult, though, to determine the fact that you miss finds while hunting with your machine. Supposing the latter missed an object – you wouldn’t even become aware of this and would simply keep going further. The problems begin when you suddenly get to know about it after a while – you double check and… Oh gosh, how many things have been left behind while sweeping for nothing with an silent rod?

Among other Minelab Equinox features that have been improved are the depth gauge indications, user interface and user profile functions.

The User Profile bug wasn’t so critical as the situation with silver finds. However, the manufacturer had to improve it, too. It was something like this (an original description provided by one of the Equinox owners):

“I have noticed that if you shut down your unit in the user profile mode it will change the standard mode to the user profile settings. Just set a mode and save it as your user profile. Go back to that mode and set it like you want it. Go hunt, switch to your user profile and hunt then shut down while still in your user profile setting. I think you’ll find the mode you had set earlier has now changed to the user profile settings”.

Minelab Equinox Version Determination. Where to download and how to update

Minelab Equinox 600/800: software updates

You can install the Minelab Equinox updates through the PC running Windows 7, 8, 10 or MAC OS (Apple). You will also require the USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, internet connection and 50 MB of hard drive space.

First, download and install the Minelab Update Utility to your computer (can be downloaded from here: link). Note that there are options for different operating systems, choose the right one – for Windows or MAC.

After downloading the Minelab Update Utility, connect your machine to the computer via USB (using the magnetic charging cable) and turn on the unit.

The MUU will determine your detector’s current software version and an update available for downloading (on the manufacturer’s website). If your device is already up to date, you will see a corresponding notice displayed. If a newer version is available, you’ll be offered the upgrade.

How to revert the Minelab Equinox software update (rollback)

Minelab Equinox 600/800: software updates

It’s also possible to roll back the previous Equinox software. Moreover, you can switch between different software versions actually. To achieve that, find a small “i” and three dots in the lower corners of the screen – you can access the rollback menu and square up to experiment with the different update versions.

Minelab Equinox 600/800: software updates

All of you who will update your Minelab Equinox, please write your comments about your success below: whether or not everything was ok, whether you faced some problems or difficulties, how you resolved them, what results you have obtained after updating your unit. Your experience will definitely help other Equinox users while Internet will immortalize your noble deed. Good luck, everyone!



I am very displeased with the update on my Equinox 800; since installed, the machine is just weird.

VDI is crazy; aluminium, brass or copper trash registers from 6 to 34 with either bright or dull tones.
Even a tiny rivet 5 scoops deep comes up as a solid 17- 18. Have not found a single good target since the update…going to revert to the original software as soon as detector finished charging.


C.L. Carmichael? (International Equinox Users Group, Facebook)

To update or not to update? That is the question!

I’ve seen that some people have rolled back to the original software after updating. I wanted to test it myself. I know there can be many variables in the dirt but I air-tested the original software version and then used the same settings for the updated software in each mode (P1,P2,F1,F2, B1,B2). Nox 600: Sensitivity 22, Ground balance 0, Noise Cancel 0, Recovery Speed 2. I didn’t concern myself with VDI numbers just diggable signals. The yellow highlighted boxes are where the updated beat the original by 1″ or more. Pink box is where original beat updated 1+”. No color was a tie.
Items tested:

Modern Quarter, dime, nickel and penny. Silver quarter, dime, 1942 nickel, wheat penny, silver earring, gold ring, 14k men’s white gold wedding band, CW lead bullet, and Silver quarter on edge.

The updated software wins out except for Beach 1 mode. These were American coins but I would assume the results would be consistent with foreign coinage. Feel free to add your thoughts!!

Minelab Equinox 600/800: software updates. New firmware worse than the old?

All about the Minelab Equinox 800 is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Minelab Equinox 800. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

54 Responses to Minelab Equinox 600/800: software updates. New firmware worse than the old?

  • My update for my Equinox 800 was fast and flawless. The end result was a greatly improved machine.

  • The update was easy enough to do but I’m not especially happy with it. I have the Nox-600 and all the VDI numbers are different. Aluminum and iron, which I could pretty much determine, now give VDI numbers of anything from 5 to 40. I am digging ten times more trash now than I did before. I see no improvement in depth nor in the machine’s ability to indicate depth. I haven’t found a copper penny since the update. Formerly they registered as an 18-20; now that is 100% aluminum. What VDI number is a penny now? I have no idea.

  • Updated my 800 a few weeks ago and deeply regret it, even after factory preset again – will revert back to original settings, much clearer VDIs, less trash to dig in heavy iron infested sites, which most of mine are. Also, not that I want to dig British pennies, but the upgrade did not register them at all.

  • I just bought a equinox 800. Ido not have windows or mac. Is there another way to upgrade my software?

  • Jim Sellars, no the update process uses a program that needs to be run on a Mac/PC.

    Odds on you have friends that do have a PC/Mac, so ask one of them if you can come over to do an update. Bring them a beer or something as thanks.

  • I am very displeased with the update on my Equinox 800; since installed, the machine is just weird. VDI is crazy; aluminium, brass or copper trash registers from 6 to 34 with either bright or dull tones.

    Even a tiny rivet 5 scoops deep comes up as a solid 17- 18. Have not found a single good target since the update…going to revert to the original software as soon as detector finished charging.

    That is another problem with the detector; the charging interface’s little copper tips are green with corrosion…have problems charging the unit. Magnetic charging interface = Very bad idea!

    • Silver, you are absolutely right! I am of the same opinion! I think that Minelab made
      the same “dirty trick” as they made with Safari – they castrated Equinox of Fe – Co
      function! Different targets have identical VDI because MD indicates ONLY Co and
      these targets have “the same” Co (Conductivity) but different Fe (Ferrum i.e. magnetic)
      content! The Minelab gave us only “half” of information! This is dirty deception!

    • Use some De-OxiT to clean and protect the charging contacts.

  • Je to prost? nepoveden? p?ekombinovan? aktualizace a zcela k ni?emu.?patn? t?ny nesouhlas? s VID identifikac?..Nech?pu pro? v?robce vyd?v? na trh n?co nov?ho,kdy? je to zcela bez u?itku…

  • Haven’t fully made up my mind on the update… all test garden targets come up correctly, except quarter which now comes in at 29-31 instead of 29-30. That is fine.

    One small oddity is that when beach hunt I was previously to be able to identify a nickel almost 100% of the time… 12-13… and pull tabs were always 13-14. Now nickels are 12-14, and pull tabs are also 12-14. Today I was positive I was digging nickels and each time it was a pull tab. I think need more time on the machine to decide if this is REALLY the case or if it just happened that way today.

  • Need update for deeper silver I can’t get silver past 4 inches so I’m about ready to sell if it can’t go any deeper

    • Agree!!!!

    • I have the update on the Equinox 600 and it will pick up silver quarters at 12 inches. I don’t use headphones and I have hearing loss. I have 3 other detectors. Whites V3i, Garrett AT Pro, and Teknetics T2 SE and all three are Great Detectors but the Equinox is now my go to machine.

    • I’m digging threepence at 10 to 12 inches regulary.

  • Hi

    Since the update air tests and floor tests on nickel coins just laying flat is horrible, My country had a set of popular fine nickel coin ranges. I also have a Namibian cupronickel that is virtually invisible. I don’t think that’s normal.

    They all come back in 40Khz mode. It seems multi was not what I thought it to be. Multi… makes the detector default to a certain frequency depending what the profile built in default is. There’s no mode that does simultaneous, I think the pamphlet is misleading on the fact… And I was wondering where the explanation went that each profile has a default… so it make sense when I realised it. All the other modes on nickel get’s jumpy pull tab for nickel if anything at all as with cupronickel. In 40Khz they come back as a classic jumpy but high signal. So you will lose them on multi since none of the park, beach or field modes uses 40Khz, you have to explicitly set it.

  • Since the update my Eqx 600 has. Been acting up. Not getting targets at all it all over the place. I did a reset but not much change. It’s very irritating! Can we do something to make Minelab goog on their product? I’m going back to old software I found more silver and the VDI and sound was better. The update was not an update!! VDI is all over the place no Rythm or reason! Minelab needs to be held accountable!!

  • I have updated my 800 and have no problems I have found Coin after coin to me it’s all in fine Tuning it’s the operator not the machine

    • Totally agree with you.

    • Agreed

    • totally agree, just because it doesn’t respond the same after the update doesn’t mean it hasnt improved the machines ability. If you pulled your 6 cylinder out of your car and installed a V8 its not going to drive the same ever again. same with updating your Nox…. you need to learn how the changes operate. but then some people dont like change

  • I’m enjoying the new update and i’ve found more small silvers with this update; Having a 600 it has less features then the 800, but one thing they need to standardize between the two models is the backlight. The backlight on the 600 is absolutely useless at night as it is way way to bright. It jjst throws your night vision out when night hunting. I’m not sure why they think you need maximum backlight at night, as this is better during dawn or dusk conditions, not the black of night. Even a modern mobile phone with a self adjusting brightness will not go full brightness in pitch black. A simple issue they could fix in the next update.

    • I put a homemade dark screenprotector in between the cover and the screen. My way of keeping my night vision ?

  • Hello,

    I have an Equinox 800 since October 2018. I directly made the update 1.0.4 before its first release. I was not disappointed with the machine, however, after 15 days of use (normal conditions fields and meadows essetiellement). On corn straws, I noticed every little shock against the stems, false signals. Last week, I leave with a friend to make an exit, there, from the beginning, full of false signals. No electromagnetic pollution for miles around. No high voltage power lines. Neither cattle fence in service (it’s winter, the animals are wintering). No GSM relay antenna, nothing! I turn over my detector and grabbed the cable at the entrance of the disc, I wiggle the cable from left to right and; Bipbip bipbip bipbip bipbip, with each movement of the cable at the nipple. I am not a new prospector. I practice for years. I still have an old xp Adventis 2. The my Equinox 800 is in Warranty Service at the official Minelab Service France.
    Several details bother me particularly. In Europe, many are worried about disk and cable. Crystal screens that joke. A lot of different bugs. The device when it comes back from the service, I test it and put it on sale. I already ordered a xp Deus to counter this bad joke. The device is unstable. A control box that is glued :( and not closed by screwing.) The SAV explained to me that they test disc and case and directly change disc and case .. Absurd and not serious, it looks like a bad Chinese toy. 200 € for a control box (out of warranty) while the competitor requires 600 €. There is a scam? Or, have we already thought about the large amount of cases they will have to sell to Equinox owners after the warranty period ??? 3 years warranty for a detector sold as (top of the range) and XP they offer 5 years warranty. I tasted Minelab once, I will not go back to it anymore

    • Cha’s problem is difficult to fully understand. So, regardless of what he was trying to say, my 800 performs well after the update and I have no issues with Minelab.

    • Not really got a clue why your complaining after one problem covered by warranty, build quality is just as good as any other machine.

  • Agree. It’s all to fine tune the machine to your standard… By trial and error. Go back to the basics and burry pennies and silver past 4 inches and have marked. So you can fine tune it to your standard.

  • NEW UPDATE FEW MONTHS AGO load of crap found hardly any silver waste of time mine lab not worth its money what are you going to do ??? to solve this as you sold me a machine which not fit for purpose will be seeking legal advice made it worse !!

  • Need a new update for fix problems with EMI/Smartphone interference in air.
    Can’t detect in a place with people and their smartphones, too noisy !!
    My old Sovereign has no problems with that, it’s a shame !

  • I agree the new software has issues and Mine-lab is sitting on its A**. I’ve emailed customer service several times, got one response then nothing. Time to go look at an AT Pro.

  • Not happy with the new update as for fact not my equinox 600 don’t detected gold very well ,it’s terrible and sounds more like junk find , it’s better on some coiins but you loose some good gold find therefore I am counting the seconds to rollback the update if I am lucky .

    • The Equinox 600 was not designed to be a gold detecting machine. The frequencies it works on are too low ( 5K, 10K, 15K, geared more toward copper and silver). If you want a detector for that, you need the 800 (it uses the additonal 20K and 40K frequencies good for gold). The company itself says the 600 will detect gold, but not well. I recommend the book “The Equinox series hand book” by Andy Sabisch, it will clear up why so many people have a problem wit their NOX!

  • cannot connect a detector to check for updates

  • Minelab Equinox 800 is the best machine I’ve had … identifies without problems. It’s deep, I find more silver coins than others. Trip to the east of Poland and 124 coins in two days, including 8 silver ones.

  • Hello colleagues!! I have the appliance for 1 year but I am not impressed with its depth !! I uploaded the new software today and am totally disappointed! A beer cap used to give it to me on VDI-8 …. 9 and now it’s like coin 13 ….. 14 !! it’s some big mess !!!

  • I just forgot to say that I saw a granite pavement 10cm in the field. I put a silver coin under it and it doesn’t hear it at all !!!

  • Hi I’m looking at buying an equinox 600 in the way it sounds that it might not be the way to go with the update not working. Also looking at the Garrett atpro which one will I get the best results.

  • The latest update with F2 mode perfected the device.. the last update where horrible.

  • I have an 800 I didn’t like the new update I use only on the beach, the seal looks like gold, I made a video about wedding rings

  • I’m looking at buying the Nox 600 or possibly the Garrett Ace Apex. Is the Nox working better with the most recent update, or should I steer clear of this machine and purchase something else? Thank you.

    • Don’t be in a hurry! Just wait when Ace Apex will be available then read
      what people think about it and make your choice! I have Eunuch 800
      myself and I am not satisfied.

      • I get rid off my Eunuch 800 the Castrated. I think it’s the worst metal
        detector ever made by Minelab.

  • I notice something wasn’t right with my 800 after I did the new update . I then tried little field test using quarter starting on field 1 and it’s only coming up as 11 on VDI ?!. It even drops lower when I switch to Field 2 to a 6??? I’m knowledgeable with this machine and know it’s not user error . Done factory reset and it seems the multi frequency doesn’t work properly but when I use 4hz on quarter it detects it properly in high 20s . All the lower frequencies seem to identify the quarter correctly on the VDI number up until I hit 40hz and multi frequency which is what I use almost 100% of time . I just tried to update the software back to older one before I had this issue and still doesn’t fix the prob ?? Contacted minelab waiting to hear back

  • So in a but she’ll how good is the Equinox 800

  • I am old school.
    3 frequencies copper, silver and gold.
    I was thinking about Minelab, but now I have read the above. No thanks.

  • I am very disappointed in Minelab all together. I got two dectectors one for me and my wife. I was finding things with them and done the updates. After that my machines went to being worthless! The would hold signals way too long on any recovery speed. Targets were non existent. Silver did not even register on top of the ground. Just worthless. I had others look at the detectors and tell me they were not right something was wrong. They are only 2 months old so I paid shipping to send them back. I get email today saying nothing is wrong . What a joke! I am so mad right now. All I want is detectors worth the money I paid. I ask for someone else to look at the detectors at Minlab and was told it would be another week after they had them 12 days already. To make matters worse before all this happened I paid for a colonial hunt for me and my wife to go to and found nothing with others finding things in the same ground. I ran my dectectors over the same target and you guess it silent and yes I tried the same settings they had on their machines. All I want is for the to make good on the product that they say is one of the best.

    • Wow. Just got my machine in June. Worked great on the beach for a month than crapped out. False signals, lots of chatter , and no swinging speed. It’s like the slot machine went cold. Came with 3.0 and downgraded and went back up
      There seems to be a problem that minelab needs to acknowledge and fix
      Hitting the beach this weekend . If bad I’m sending it back
      Ps. I know it’s not me

  • If you don’t like the version 3 firmware roll it back to the older version that was working for you. Equinox 800 is one of the best machines on the market. It does have a learning curve..

  • They are a total joke now time to shop around again I feel

  • I have used the 600 for about a year now. (45+ years of detecting total). The 600 is an excellent machine. Depth is impressive but more important than depth is its ability to find good targets co-located with trash. The Version 3.0 update stabilized my detector somewhat…..less chatter. No significant difference in depth or sensitivity. The depth indicator is a rough guide but when in the field it is not really a factor. I center the target and dig my plug the same regardless of depth reading.
    Great detector. Update was helpful but not essential.

  • I have been looking at changing my V3i since spares are impossible. I learned that a lot of new machines are programable. Problem is if there is a glitch, you could find gold but miss silver. I really think old school is better.

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