The world’s strangest stone. The discovery recognized by scientists (photo)

A small unattractive stone, a bit larger than 1 centimeter… If you walk past such a thing without a metal detector, you won’t even notice it. The rock accidentally came into the hands of scientists 20 years after it was found, and has been acknowledged as the strangest stone in the world. It contains mineral compounds that are distinct from anything previously studied and discovered in our solar system. Furthermore, the interstellar dust of the stone is older than the solar system itself. Just imagine…you are holding a stone in your hands, and it’s older than the sun. Want to see the photo of such an unusually unique find?

The Hypatia stone

The world's strangest stone. The discovery recognized by scientists (photo)

The chunk of meteor was discovered in the Libyan Desert Glass Field in Egypt nearly 20 years ago (exact date unknown). The rock contains minerals, iron, aluminum, nickel, lead, silver, microdiamonds and other elements, which is rather typical for an ordinary meteorite. And it сould well have gathered dust on a shelf in a private collection but it fell into the hands of experts recently.

In 2015, researchers analyzed Hypatia’s matrix and found a lack of silicate minerals, setting it apart from material found in the solar system. In 2018, experts concluded that mineral compounds in the stone hadn’t been known to occur on Earth, elsewhere in the solar system, or in known meteorites or comets.

The world's strangest stone. The discovery recognized by scientists (photo)

The rock also contains a high amount of very specific carbon compounds which existed… before our solar system formed.

Scientists assume that the meteorite dates back to long before the sun was born. Plus, the stone came from afar. Do you know where the Kuiper Belt is? It’s a ‘trash can’ of the solar system at a distance of 55 astronomical units from the sun, where small celestial bodies are floating freely. It’s the very space junk that left over from the formation of the solar system. And the rock had been way further out from there.

The meteorite is really unique. Scientists named it Hypatia in honor of Hypatia of Alexandria, the ancient Greek female scientist (philosopher, mathematician, astronomer), with a terrifying fate. She was murdered by a mob of monks from the nearby desert (do you remember where the stone was found?) agitated by Bishop Cyril. The madding crowd tore off her clothing and, while she was still alive, scraped flesh from her bones with sharp potsherds. Then they dragged what remained of her through the streets of the city – behaving the same way as they would have done towards most heinous criminals. In those days, it was a custom in Alexandria to drag the bodies of criminals out of the city and dispose of them beyond the city limits. The woman scientist also suffered the same fate. Today Hypatia is the extra one-of-a-kind meteorite.

The world's strangest stone. The discovery recognized by scientists (photo)

Is anyone wondering what the price of the Hypatia stone is? For instance, how much can it cost in ‘quite terrestrial’ dollars? All content related to meteorites, and meteorite hunting with or without a metal detector, is collected here. By the way, do you know that it’s possible to search for meteorites using a stick? It’s an easy task, anyone will be able to meet this challenge!

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    • Could this be one?

      • Could this be one? Sorry my upload for the photo didn’t work.

    • I have one tiny stone falling my land colors changing for light reflecting dark blue sky blue silver and purple but ordinary look like for sunlight dark black any one interested for seeing my stone email me (poojaragu6398@gmail. Com)

      • I have one stone falling my land

      • Wow this is cosmic explosion dust partical all should be match cosmic symptoms heavy impact and burning very very thin fushion crust melted look like definately cosmic partical amazing

  • I have this stone.. I believe it’s a hypaita stone.

  • I was arrested back in 2016 for felony evading with a 6 lbs 8 oz specimen of similar or identical characteristics. The whole structure is carbon based with yellow sulfur residues along with diamond like stones impeded within. As heavy as it was i was fascinated when i dropped it on the concrete it didn’t give off any noise like iron would so i took a magnet and was even more impressive was the non magnetic inner and outer core. One strange thing about this stone was the inner core which i noticed was encrusted in shinny metallic specs since a small fragment chipped away when i dropped it on the concrete from a low proximity off the ground. Unfortunately the rialto police department refused to release it back to me. I had mentioned that it was a meteorites which i found in the M**** Desert. I have the fragments to show proof of my findings. I am very interested in finding out cuz the key words here is:(weird),(strange) best describes this rock.Definatly not of this origin.! Thankz

    • Thanks for your input,i will go to the university of Arizona and get the pieces examined for further analysis.I will keep you posted!

  • The description of the stone tells us that it was a single stone with little weathering. People can claim that they have a piece of this, but their self believing or self validating claims mean nothing. I suspect that the two people who posted their belief that they have one, don’t. This of course is a temptation that everyone has if they are into collecting and wishing for wealth, like finding a lottery ticket. First the stone was not weathered much and it was a single mass. There are two ebay sellers on ebay that claim they have hypathia stones, but I doubt either one has one. As for Luis F Lopez. I’m sure you could send one of you’re samples to a institution that can test and validate meteorites and find out that it’s a meteorite of this type or not. The university of Arizona for example. But let me state this. The hypathia stone is as hard as a diamond. This means you’re “find” of a stone which you thought was hypathia far away from the original find would not crack and throw off pieces when it was dropped to the cement, cement is not as hard as the hypathia stone, so your description of the rock you found is perhaps interesting, but is not necessarily the hypathia and from what I’ve read about the real hypathia, you’re stone is likely not hypathia and perhaps not even a meteorite, which is also rare. To simply find a meteorite is a rare thing, to claim to find a very rare meteorite found in Egypt in another part of the world is very unlikely. So statistics are working against you, but if you have the budget and the time, maybe you can get it checked. As for the two people who think they are selling hypathia stones on ebay, I won’t list their names, but one has a stone which they want $89,000 for which is 22 grams, from a part of Egypt far away from the original find, the other has a larger piece and asks for $800 which is a steal if it was the real hypathia. But the other stone is clearly not a hypathia stone as far as I can tell being a meteorite collector myself. And it’s definately not what the lister states it is being “from the moon”. So people often imagine they have a rare meteorite, but often don’t. It’s important to verify you’re rare find with a valid authorized testing professional lab or university, not just play guesswork and with you found a lotto ticket.

    • i would like more information about how to get it tested because i have it has all the compositions that they described. I appreciate your comments

  • I found a black fusion it shines a amber color on the insides when I shined flash light on it. Also there is a extraterrestrial body on the side of it. I got pics..

  • I’m mike with rock me rough mineral ,trade & sale. We have acquired some very ancient stones in which these stones do posses in it’s composition all of the minerals that the hypatia stone do contains. As well as some other strange anomaly’s or materia which has not yet been identified. Yet the size of the specimens we have obtain is significantly larger than the published specimens that are viewed online today! All of the stones we have also contains minni translucent micro diamonds embedded throughout it’s exterior surfaces as well as opac black materia which has a high luster and very high refractive indicies. Mildly translucent with color hues ranging from olivine green, vivid emerald green, gold, vivid golden yellow, vivid blueish violet, purplish red, vivid red, brown etc. The substance hardness is 6.5 / 7 /& higher, contains boron in it’s composition structures. We have identified this to be serendibite composition formula and have found a numerous amount of serendibite rough gemstones within the same vicinity of the believed to be hypatia stones discovery! All of these specimens has meteoritic properties while discoverd in a area which is from the pre cambrien era within craytonic landscapes which is officially documented by the areas geological soil survey and filed in the governmental records in it’s states county! Fragments of gold was also discoverd within the same meteoritic specimens! We have uploaded videos of some of these specimens on youtube broadcasting site. Next week we will be uploading videos of the hypatia stones for viewing. Search for rock me rough in youtube’s search engine.

  • What’s this

  • It’s very heavy as well

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