Garrett ACE 400 recovery speed test. Video

A recovery speed test has always been a weak point for the Garrett ACE metal detectors. To be quite honest, these machines aren’t capable of passing this test. Has anything changed in the new Garrett ACE 400? Watch the video.

All metal detectors bring finds, and no matter how they can pass one test or another. Do you need the best machine or finds? But when it comes to the latter, it’s difficult to compete with the Garrett ACE detectors.

Tell this treasure hunter that his device isn’t capable of passing some test… once his Garrett ACE discovered a unique Viking-age gold crucifix.

All about the Garrett ACE 400 metal detector is collected here. There is an excellent piece of news from the manufacturer – all previous ACE 150-250-350 coils are suitable for the ACE 200-300-400.

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