Homemade multi-functional armrest

What to do with a pinpointer while hunting? I don’t have a 100% solution to this question. When reconnoitering a new hunting site, with a backpack left in the car and a belt worn under the outer garments, once again I have a problem: where to stick my pinpointer. The most optimal place is to attach it to the armrest.

The idea with a reliable container for tiny objects is great. I found one time ago very small coins, and lost some of them again as I wasn’t ready to such a substantial amount of change. The lesson has not sunk in though – I still throw the finds in my pocket while hunting.

All content related to armrests (homemade and original ones) is collected here. I like the idea of a removable armrest – with it, the machine is really much more compact.

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  • When will it be on the market, and who makes it?

  • It looks like a prototype one printed on 3D printer only, not mass production yet. I like this idea, it looks great. Maybe the small finds will rattle in the container but it could be solved easily.

    If Chinese guys are visiting this website, we can see it soon on Aliexpress or similar sites, I think… :)

  • Very nice mate when are you going to be selling them

  • I want one!!!

  • There’s the link for the designer’s page on FB. He’s a very decent fellow. Please do him the decency of linking his details whenever you share the link.


  • If Phoenix makes it, I will purchase one. They also make a brace or support for the control head for the AT Pro that goes around the detector shaft and mounts using the screws in the speaker cover. I have one ordered. The thing I like about the design of this armrest is the small container. It could be used as a counter weight when filled to help balance heavier coils.

  • where can I find the .stl file so that I can create one for myself

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