Quick release coil for any detector. An idea worth 1 million

Why do we use a bolt to attach a coil to a metal detector shaft? Only because such a way was invented in the middle of the 20th century and md manufacturers are too lazy to come up with something new? Let’s look at a simple idea of the quick release coil attachment. A really useful adapter, at a dirt cheap price tag, fits any machine! Would you use such a thing with your coil? And while you are about it, this item can also be a solution to the detector balance when you mount different sized coils to the lower shaft. It’s an idea worth 1 million really!

This kind of adapter is of practical value indeed. First, it provides balance to the detector’s entire construction. Second, it protects the coil ears against breakage. Third, and the most important thing – you can completely disassemble your machine by removing the coil from the shaft, thereby making it considerably more compact when folded for transportation.

All content related to 3D printed metal detector items is collected here. Just take a look at the number of md accessories of all kinds that have been created by hobby enthusiasts.

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