Which coils are suitable for Garrett ACE 400 (+a tip from Garrett)

Which coils are suitable for their new Garrett ACE 400? Here’s the answer given by the manufacturer. Plus, a tip on how to change the coils… These things are probably specified in the manuals. I didn’t know that.

Garrett ACE 400 coils


Despite the difference in frequencies (ACE 250: 6.5 kHz / Euro ACE and ACE 300, 350: 8 kHz / ACE 400: 10 kHz), all Garrett ACE coils are compatible in any combination. So the previous ones can be used with the new Garrett ACE 200/300/400 detectors as well.

A tip from Garrett


Garrett gives advice: you should restore your machine to the factory settings every time after changing the coil. With the Garrett ACE, AT PRO, and AT Gold detectors, you should hold the power button until the double beep (approximately 5 seconds).

In the process of being reset, the detector starts coil re-initialization and adaptation to it… Do you think it can be true? If so, then it’s a valuable piece of advice. I didn’t know that.

The complete list of searchcoils for the Garrett ACE 400 is here. The lists for other metal detectors can also be found on Hunter’s Encyclopedia pages.

7 Responses to Which coils are suitable for Garrett ACE 400 (+a tip from Garrett)

  • How would the NEL sharpshooter coil work on the ACE 400 compared to th Garrett 5×8 coil?

  • Just tried coils that came with my Garrett GTAx1250 on a new ACE400. Worked perfectly!

  • What’s a good coil for gold detection for the 400i?

  • Will a Garrett sniper coil fit a Ace 400?

  • Purchased a Garrett Ace 400 with the standard search coil. Not overly impressed. Had to buy the Garrett GIZMO extension in order to put the arm cuff in a good location for leverage. Without a doubt the coil is way to nose heavy for this detector which creates quite a bit of discomfort after an hour or so of use!
    Now that Garrett has sort of taken over Whites I wonder if someone could create an adaptor that would permit connecting a Whites search coil to a Garrett detector?

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