Garrett ACE 250 fake, how to identify. Photo

Here is the distinction between MD 6250 China fake and Garrett ACE 250 original. Of course, the copy is impressive, but there is a difference after all. Watch the photo.



The coil of MD 6250 China fake isn’t sealed… Its bottom part is closed (glued) with a plastic cover.
The bottom part of Garrett ACE 250 original coil is sealed.


The first problems of the MD 6250 owners have already appeared. First, the coil leaks and causes the continuous false responses.

Second, the coil fails to operate because of a side impact (for example, with a rock or tree). After such an impact the metal detector starts to give a response to any trembling of the coil. No matter whether there is a target under the coil or not – there will always be a response.

All about the Garrett ACE 250 is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Garrett ACE 250. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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  • The reason for this coil impact problem is that the Chinese don’t entirely seal it off, but fasten the turns of wire at a few points (leaving the empty space). This fastening is not enough for a side impact (the original coil can easily withstand it). If the fastening is lost, the metal detector loses a phase and any trembling of the turns inside the coil causes a response.

    In addition, this fastening can’t withstand the temperature. The black coil heats up quickly in the sun and the fastening of coil wire turns also warms up, herewith losing its functionality.

    • I’ve got the Chinese md3010ii and it has found loads very deep, I just made 30 pounds with it today, but the hinge is breaking up, and the coil is hard wfired, so I’m going for the real ace 250, also have a Viking v5 which has been ok

  • These detectors are identical clones created by reverse-engineering the original Garrett circuit and rebuilding it within a slightly revised pcb to cope with more readily available electronics in the chinese manufacture plants. No real alteration of values is made or parts substituted for inferior, the circuit design is sound! And they have cloned the IC data so the behaviour is the same with same tones etc.
    The coil is where the product suffers, It’s a slightly cheaper grade copper and not coiled as strongly, but performance differences seem unnoticeable to the average user.
    Best solution? Pop open the coil plastics and coat some black RTV silicone sealant at various points across the coil windings and re-seal the coil casing. You’ve solved it’s only weakness!
    Also some of the basic wiring solder joints may need a slight improvement although some i have seen have been soldered beautifully, the odd one not so much, still connected fine just ugly and rushed soldering occassionally to the headphone socket etc. 2min solder job to fix.

  • so just silicon sealant coil or/ fit a better coil/ to save money as most electronic parts are /made in china how days anyway .get a bargain while you can/without costing an arm and leg in brand name and advertising charges./save channel on e bay sell these for 93 quid delivered.

    • Hi Mark I have one of these, as good as Ace 250, have added a Nel Tornado coil kickass machine. Got mine on eBay like you said. See my videos here:

      • does the nel tornado coil fit straight on and function properly with the 6250’s standard features or do you have to addapt it with some form of prog?

      • what did the coil cost u?

  • I found this cloned ACE MD2030II unit in a house I just bought.
    Its missing the search head.
    Can a the real ace 250 head work on it?
    And whats the cost of a new search head?

  • I have an md 6250. It’s a fine detector. Works with all Garrett coils just fine. I have used it everywhere I’ve used my ace 250 and ace 300. I originally bought it as a backup for my 250. I’ve taken it on some long trips in a checked bag to Florida and England. Used it on all sorts of terrain and so far no problems. The coil is cheaper made and the arm cuff is slightly smaller but actually mine seems heavier duty than my ace 250. The control box is almost identical. I’m happy with it for just over $100 new.

  • I wonder if someone has the schematic of the coil board Acer 250 or MD-6250 or some photo of the coil open?

    • a minha bobina do MD6250 esta aberta gostaria de ver Danilo Rocha ? eu a molhei sem querer e queimou dai tive que abrir, alguem sabe de alguma bobina prova d?agua que sirva no meu Md6250 desde ja eu agrade?o muito

  • Since the coil is the week link has anyone checked out the unbranded CORS style coil for them?

    If not check out the fake or whatever CORS coil for the Chinese rebranded Ace 250’s Euro and 350’s the MD 6250 and MD 6350. I have found the coil unbranded for as low as $69 and tax delivered. In the link below it has the CORS sticker on it, but is about $111. Even at that, still almost half the reel coil price. I am not really a garrett fan but if that $69 dollar coil is any good, one could use it on any of the like devises, Garrett or copy.

    I saw the MD 6250 yesterday for $57.02 delivered from China to the US. With the larger $69 CORS copy that is a really cheap and deep relic hunter, if you can stand the Garrett tones for only about $120. For a hundred more the MD 6350 could be had. Still have to source a small coil for all the trashy out there. I thought I saw a copied 5″ gold coil for the copied Fisher that worked on the MD 6250/350 but I may have been confused.

    For whatever reason the link is a picture of the coil in the listing it looks like the CORS but is being sold as TANGIST for the MD 6250 and 6350.

    Is the clone a fake? No not the cloned MD 6250 and 6350 they do not say Garrett on them but that coil may be or they just screwed up and used a picture of one intended for CORS.

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