Garrett ACE 250 (MD 6250, China fake). Photo and video

Watch the video & photo of Garrett ACE 250 China fake, known as Raider MD 6250 on sale. Watch and realize that it will never be such a metal detector here below. The ACE 250 final journey.

A couple of home videos have gone online. For the common man it is another review of one metal detector China fake… But for the hunters whose path has begun with the Garrett ACE these are really sad videos. The manufactures won’t be able to stop the Chinese, they can only trout them round further.











All about the Garrett ACE 250 is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Garrett ACE 250. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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  • its funny how everyone bags the chinese knock offs , even though they have NEVER TRIED IT THEMSELVES, and trust me garrets are made in china. i use to work for garrett and was their quality control there.

    • Why you not working for them now if the job was so good?
      All chinky rip offs are a waste of money you may as well get a spade and just guess where the metal is.
      If i was going to buy nikes i would not buy fakes from a back of a van in london because they would be dogs shit and fall apart after a month.


    • your a liar .. no garrett metal detectors are made or assembled in china , none , get your facts right . dipshit

      • Most garrett’s really are made in china , from the late 80 ‘s onwards.
        Cost peanuts to make and sell for top dollar..

    • look when a chinese corp can duplicate to the bolt head id and duplicate a chevy trailblazer 2008 what chance does a small circuit like a metal detector be bootlegged.
      GM took the specific corp to international court and won . BFD. GM sells more pontiacs and buicks to the chinese. The bottom line is GM settled for a miniscule amount of what they were awarded. If they settled they would have lost hundreds of times if they just kept selling their cars and trucks to the chinese.

      so far I took a md-6350 raider and the only difference is the garrett has a bott cap on their 8.5 by 11 coils
      the md-6350 coils are still filled and sealed with epoxy and the ace models have a cap on the bottom.

      • I have a Garrett 250 and I bought a Chinese “Ace 250” to campare the two, I can asure you it is more or less an exact copy, even the PCB is is exactly the same,

  • dave quinn ;; Do some home work first Mate. so much stuff is made in China for so many top retail companies and they sell for top prices on the World market. yes some of it is shite but a lot of it is first class, and by the sound of it you have not even tried one of these detectors your self so you cant say if good or bad just that you don’t like them because they come from China just like the the Garret you say is better my mate has one of these raiders and has found all manner of stuff and enough to also buy himself a newer and Better one that he can dive with… ..

    • Fake is fake, whatever you say!

      • As I speak you can order a duplicate gibson les paul and a fender strat with the Gibson and Fender letterhead on the headstock. there are many people that purchased a Gibson les paul and it was counterfeit same with the Fender Stratocaster.

        Bottom line is the corp that made the md-6250, md-6350 never claimed they were Garrett’s or ace models.Other than simple look alikes all they have to do is a few simple design changes and they are not committing fraud.

    • What is the problem with China? Foxconn is the largest manufacturer of electronics period. iPhones are made there. All your PC components are made there, Motherboards, ASUS MSI ASROCK are the best and made by Foxconn. For your information to everyone, Garretts are made In China. They have a different label but guts inside, cases, shafts, coils all made in China. The only thing you dont get buying in China is customer support. If you have a problem, China will not fix it. Your on your own. Minelab is made by Foxconn in Malasia even though its an Aussie company. Deteknix are made by Foxconn. I believe Whites are still made in USA.

  • You all know that nothing is manufactured in USA since the 1990s. Everything is made in Asia, Taiwan or Shanghai. iPhones, iPods, iPads, every cell phone, the very best PC motherboards, Asus, MSI, Asrock. It all comes from Asia, mostly China. Granted, some low priced goods are crap, same with video cards in a PC. You can get great vid cards or substandard ‘Bargain’ brands. As with metal detectors some china manufacturers make discount kid stuff, but they also produce high end detectors. If you want to check for yourself, there is a website Made In China . com that lists everything that is made there. I looked at metal detectors on that site that are made in china, Garrett, Minelab, Whites, Fisher. Some have badge changes but you can clearly tell what it is. There are a few Fisher models they sell as Fisher. In the end, a company is as good as it’s support, buy a brand name for a warranty and parts replacement. If the company is reputable, this is why they have brand loyalty. I doubt you will get warranty service from a bargain you bought from a discount item purchased from a china warehouse. BP. Aero Engineering.

  • Pretty much all electronic items we own are made in China, Garrett are made in China its a fact. I’m seriously considering a high end ‘fake’ from China only thing stopping me is the lack of warranty offered on the detector. The only thing Chinese made I don’t trust is cars and take aways from down the road.

    • But then you are playing into the hands of the counterfeiters, they do no research or development at all and copy others,sooner or later these big manufacturers are going to say “whats the point? then we all lose out

  • I have a 250 and a fake and both exactly the same even the nel coil works on the fake one.
    Of course the Garrett is made in china, there’s no way the USA could of made anything electrical that good.

    • I bought a fake 250 then bought a real 250 used coil on eBay for 15 $ work like a charm

  • Let me get this right – One is called a Raider MD-6250 & the other is a Garrett Ace 250 – Where is the confusion? – Two different brands – two different prices – two different countries –

  • I have a raider md6250 and it is superb,really pleased with it and its reliability and accuracy.

  • ACE 250 and MD 6250 they are booth made in china same manufactory like 90% rest of electronic sold in USA . For my point of view ACE 250 made in china and sold in USA so witch one is rally clone. Look to me is ACE 250

  • Garrett “ASSEMBLE” in the USA but their pcb boards are chinese manufactured. They do produce their own coils in the USA though.
    The MD6150/6250/6350 use identical circuit boards, all bar the processor chip which is infact a faster chip. The software on it is an exact copy taken from a russian reverse engineer.
    Pro’s: Control box is very well made, including circuit board and quality of plastic housing. Performance is exact and perfect in operation.
    Cons: Concentric coil on the MD6150/6250 is not to the same standard (but genuine coils fit and operate) so it’s not as robust.
    Frame tubing is 1mm wider on the upper section.
    Plastic arm cuff is not a copy of Garretts revised reinforced v2 version and therefore is less strong and is more squared on the corners
    Overall: For half the price it’s identical in performance but with a few compromises on quality regarding the coil.

  • The price of Raider MD6250 in China is only $150.
    I am going to take one to make “horrible experiments” on it.
    If the results of these experimets will be “fatal” I feel no pity
    to through $150 away!

    • P.S. “to be through with $150 or to throw away $150” the result is the same…

      • Now I have Raider MD6250! It was crowling from China through
        Germany to Moscow and then to my “home city” – all this “process”
        took 1 month. The quality of this metal detector is very high!
        I tested it with “native chinese” coil 6,5×9 – very stable operation
        and Mars Sniper 6×10″ DD coil with sensitivity (-1).
        I am going to disassemble this metal detector and change circuitry.
        I am a bit tired of drilling PCBs, soldering components, wrapping
        coils so I will use MD6250 as “basis” for creating
        MD Terminator – 6250 with Terminator Advanced Math technology.

  • I like good fakes, They force big detectorcompanies to make better detectors.
    In Europe we like the fake ace detector and other chinese detectors. Original is way to expensive here. They destroy themself, profit.. okee … but overpricing is going to be there end here in Europe.
    The prices in the USA are fair. If I lived overthere, I prefered Original brand.

  • Where do you think Sony, Samsung, kenwood, Hitachi and that come from,,,,,,,,,

  • Do thay do a copy garrett at pro ?

  • To the drama queen who run this hysteria –

    What is the official word from GARRETT?

    Multiple emails to Garrett yet they will NOT confirm in writting whethere these are fake or not

    Until then, I would think these are made in the same factory as the Garretts as there is no difference in performance, just the US version is 3 or 4X the price of these.

    May I suggest some due diligence before chewing on the wrong end of the bone, again. Then running through the house like your dress is on fire – It must be sad for Garrett fans to finally realize that they are being scammed by Garretts dodgy marketing.

    One more thing. China does NOT comply to copyright/patent laws – That is why so much western manufacturing is there ………… get up to speed man

  • Os chineses provam para o resto do mundo que para ganhar dinheiro n?o presisa exprorar as pessoas podemos conquistar muitos sonhos ? baixo custo n?o somos eternos e nem os produtos tamb?m


  • I came today to read this again since for over the last year I have had two garrets that a person on ebay attempted to scam my on as both were obviously dropped in (salt) water. Everything about the garretts is great except they will never work again without new control boxes. I am just not going to pay what garrett is asking when I can source the control boxes for the “Raider” copy for a fraction of the price and have two detectors for the price of less then one genuine and virtually identical control box.

    • Just after making this post I went on a search for the cheapest “clone” Raider MD 6250 or 6350 control box I could find for the Garretts to my surprise I was able to order 2 complete MD 6250 metal detectors on a major site coming from China to the US for $57.02 a piece shipped with tax. If they come as pictured, they say nothing on them just yellow and black. No branding at all just listed as MD 6250 with pictures including the dust cover. The dust cover was upside down so I have a feeling they will come branded as Raider. They just may be showing an unbranded one in the pictures. I found more listed at that price but they did not have MD 6250 in the listing but they had it pictured and the description was similar. I do not have them yet obviously, but I could not get one control box from Garrett shipped to me for the $114.04 for both the complete MD 6250 detectors that hopefully will come quickly over on the slowboat. That’s all that I will have invested in them and they will have the real Garrett coils and rods. I am going to gift them. If I didn’t get lucky on mispriced listings the Chinese venders may be fading out the 6250 for the 6350 or just lowering the price to cheep.

      For anyone in the same or similar situation you could also get just the control box in a different listing for $60 shipped from China. Too bad the coils are the weakest link on the MD clones they have a SEF looking coil and a smaller nugget coil now available also for the 6350 model that works with the 6250 also. Not that this or the Garrett is anything close to being a nugget machine. To me the Garretts always sounded like a children’s toy and not very pleasant even on a good target. I had and tested the AT Max and that was a chattery disaster from Garrett in my opinion. It doesn’t look like they even bothered to clone that one, perhaps too hard of frequency for them as I was for Garrett also. I have Minelabs, the brick of a detector the Garrett ATX, with all the heavy coils, but I have VMC-1 gizmos that I put on the latest firmware that I think are better than the ATX’s for couple reasons. So, I wasn’t desperate for cheap beginner detector. But a Chinesium Ace 250 clone for $57 shipped that works just as good as the real Chinesium, OK. Hard to get a decent used branded pinpointer for that.

      If they come truly unbranded as the pictures showed then they would be more like a copy and like fakes without the Garrett on them. If thy come branded even as Raider as I am almost positive, they will, then not a copy. Like the Pinpointers that Garrett claim are fakes that clearly say Garrett on them, yes fakes since you may believe you were getting a licensed garrett distributed from China for $9 LOL. I have turned in sellers for selling those. Later

      • I was wrong they have larger coils that look like CORS not SEF I am looking at a listing that is selling them from China using a picture of the larger coil with the CORS labs sticker on it. They also have a picture of a replacement 6350 standard DD coil that has ACE on it. Other listings do not. I found the larger (CORS) coil for $69 unbranded from China. I am not getting it since I am not planning on using these but for $127 something someone could have an Ace 250 clone with what looks like the 12″ x 15″ CORS or clone of that coil. That would be a deep annoying sounding beginner relic hunter on the dirt, dirty cheap. I am seeing about $162 for the MD6350 complete with the standard (350 size) DD coil. It is a copy, is 8.58kHz and same functions from what I have read. $230 and tax with the additional 12″ x 13″ coil. Not terrible for a solid starter. If you can stand listening to it but $100 more for the ace 350 clone.

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