Roman hoard found. 600 kg of coins!

Are you glad when your coil picks up a coin? But if there are two of them? And what about such number of coins that can’t be counted, so they are counted by weighing? And above all, it isn’t necessary to have a metal detector to hunt for a hoard.


A huge Roman hoard was discovered in the south of Spain… The really huge one.


19 amphoras filled with bronze coins. Some of amphoras were broken, some are undamaged. There are so many coins that the initial assessment was made by weighing them – the coins’ total weight is about 600 kg.










All the coins are made of bronze, showing virtually no traces of usage. Bearing images of emperors Constantine, Maximilian, and Diocletian. The coins date back to the 4th century AD.
Archaeologists have already assumed the coins may have been gathered for taxpaying or have been intended to be the salaries of the army.


But whatever assignment the hoard might have had in the past, now this find is unique not only for Spain, but for the whole world!

2 Responses to Roman hoard found. 600 kg of coins!

  • I vote they sprinkle them from planes over fields all over europe for treasure hunters to enjoy for decades to come. After all, the Romans sacked most of the known world to build their treasure up. Give it back.

    Very interesting find. If the coins only had Diocletian and Constantine on them I would guess the hoard is from someone fleeing west after Alaric sacked Rome or some event, or from a western Visigoth that joined the battle that sacked Rome and pillaged it, who then maybe went home with his hoard instead of joining Alaric on a sinking ship to Africa. But if Maximilian as Emperor(15th century) is on some of those coins that is one hell of a spread of coins from 4th century to 15th. Especially when they say they look uncirculated. Uncirculated over 1,000 years until they dropped a few Maximilian I coins in there and then buried it the stash again? Maybe they meant Emporer Maximinus or Maximus Thrax the Usurper? Or maybe I don’t know all the Emperor names and coins. Because if the coins date back to the 4th century, I think the only Maximilian I’ve heard of from that far back was Maximilian of Antioch, who was executed for not joining the Roman army when ordered. So idk, I could be way off here.

    Can’t find any of these ancient goodies where I’m from.

    • They probably shouldn’t sprinkle them from planes Brian put ‘‘em in museums like some museum in Italy or Spain where you found them so many generations or your grand children can go and see them not sprinkle them into fields bloody hell no!, Also give them back? That was more than 2000+ years ago Brian I don’t think they would want them back and besides These Roman treasures sacked or not shouldn’t be sprinkled over fields and just put them into museums, I disagree with your choice of vote Brian I think they should just put them in fields also for generations to enjoy, not sprinkle them into fields where something could happen to them like be stolen and never see the face of light again or something so just put in museums,I just realized I’m responding to a bloody comment from 2018 but sprinkling them into fields is just a dumb idea.

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