400 detectors vs road-roller. Who will win in the fight?

Who will win? 400 metal detectors vs a road-roller… I know why the machines lost. The point is that these are fake, Chinese-made devices. If these were the true ‘originals’, they would win in the battle with a road-roller. Watch the video (great!).

The video that is kinda related to metal detector repair. Maybe it will be possible to restore the units at the service center? )) All fake metal detectors are collected here.

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  • I didn’t really recognize many parts in that pile, did you? Where are Minelab plastic parts made? Is Malaysia, Indochina, and even China all that different from the factories in Malaysia, Indochina, and China where your detector’s parts came from?

    It’s the QAQC level of the real chosen factory that is watched by the Brand owner and nothing else. I’m not sure why the knockoff factories don’t just maintain their own QAQC at the same high level so no one can tell the difference. It’s not like they would stop making money if they did. Plenty of gap to burn when you are talking the alchemy of turning pennies into euros and dollars in legal unit sales.

  • That just looked wrong and wasteful. It was difficult to tell what they were supposed to be. The upper and lower rods could have been spared more than likely the coils also anything unbranded. If the control units were actual counterfeits and a judge ordered them destroyed that makes some sense but still a wasteful process when only a percentage of the actual item would be counterfeit while the bulk of the detector’s parts were more than likely unbranded and just a regular lower, upper rods etcetera. If everything was stamped with say Minilab then OK. I understand that the whole device was used in counterfeiting but seems there could have two ways of recycling them. With detectors I am on the fence about what is counterfeit and what is rebranded and similar in most ways.

    • I watched it again, they were Fisher Gold Bugs. You can get the rebranded copies of the gold bug on just about any major site. Those must have said fisher on them or perhaps just the “gold Bug” is copyrighted to them.

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