Whites MX Sport

White’s MX Sport: recovery speed test. An unusual thing has happened

Monte’s Nail Board Test has been recognized by metal detector manufacturers. It’s an unusual event indeed as they theretofore stubbornly ignored real requests from hobby enthusiasts. And it is White’s that has become a brave path-breaker. Here’s a test performed with the White’s MX Sport working with different coils. Appreciate frankness from White’s! Continue reading

White’s MX Sport crash test. Will you double check?

They took a metal detector, raised it to the height of 2 meters and dropped it on a hard surface… What did the manufacturer want to show treasure hunters by doing such things? If it’s 10 times in a row, that looks promising. But for once in a while, it’s ridiculous. It would have been better if the machine had broken down – it would be more interesting to watch. Continue reading