White’s MX Sport: recovery speed test. An unusual thing has happened

Monte’s Nail Board Test has been recognized by metal detector manufacturers. It’s an unusual event indeed as they theretofore stubbornly ignored real requests from hobby enthusiasts. And it is White’s that has become a brave path-breaker. Here’s a test performed with the White’s MX Sport working with different coils. Appreciate frankness from White’s!

White’s MX Sport nail board test: using the Detech 7 DD, Detech 13 DD Ultimate, White’s 950 (Mono), White’s 10 DD (stock coil), and White’s 6?10 DD search coils. Note that during this test you can see not only how the coil moves but also the detector’s screen with VDI and discrimination scale segments.

For those who doesn’t want or can’t watch the test video, here below are the test results. You can appreciate White’s frankness and accuracy while conducting the test – they calculated percentages and weren’t afraid to show the result.

White’s MX Sport: recovery speed test. An unusual thing has happened

In your opinion, is this test a plus for the White’s MX Sport? Will other MD manufacturers take up this initiative? Or is it only White’s who will talk about the things treasure hunters want to know?

All about the White’s MX Sport is collected here (different tests, comparisons, diggers’ tips and reviews). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information on this machine (user manual, specs, features, different selections, the detector’s repair, and much more).

One Response to White’s MX Sport: recovery speed test. An unusual thing has happened

  • Thank you, very nice test !
    Now I wait for a 7″ concentric coil from White`s or Detech for iron infestet places !
    I am very sure that one would make the 100% ! ! ! !
    I prefere concentric coils since they are first time on the marked with a C-Scope 1200 B in 1984 !!!
    The concentric coils, 950 or 300 from White`s are still my favorite since 1990 than I started to use the black White`s 6000 Coinmaster.
    Even the round mono coils at work with Minelab Pi-Golddetektors have some very nice +++ secrets.
    Good Luck to anyone anythere out,
    german Peter.

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