Nokta Storm or Makro Racer 3 or Nokta Impact 2? NEW 2018

Nokta have accidentally revealed an external appearance of a new Nokta Storm device in a promo video showing how their metal detectors are made. Well, you get the idea how it happens accidentally… But what’s this new machine? A Makro Racer 3 at last? Or Nokta Impact 2 already? Doesn’t this Nokta Storm remind you of anything? By the way, the new unit is submersible and… really wireless?

If you don’t want to watch the video from the very beginning, you can fast forward to the 3d minute at once.

Nokta Storm (Makro Racer 3 / Nokta Impact 2)? NEW 2018

According to rumors, it has been a Makro Racer 3 after all. All new metal detectors 2018 can be found here. Read the MD-Hunter blog, and you’ll have even more discoveries indeed!

3 Responses to Nokta Storm or Makro Racer 3 or Nokta Impact 2? NEW 2018

  • interesting, credit for the find would be appreciated tho =)

  • I doubt it was an accident that Makro Nokta showed that, there’s one other easter egg in the video if you’re really observant.

    BTW They’ve offered wireless since the first Makro Racer, what four years ago. When you purchased their wireless headphones they came with a wireless dongle to plug into the Racer, and the Nokta Impact has it built in.

    It should be pretty obvious that the STORM is their new waterproof machine :)

  • When is Nokia makro coming out with the multi frequency that works like the 800 in the 600 Equinox

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