What do you know about holes? Would you dare do this?

In my childhood there was a story: two schoolboys dug an underground burrow. A site was chosen near the railway station. The burrow collapsed after yet another freight train passed by. One boy managed to pop out of the hole whereas the other didn’t. Since then, I am afraid of deep holes and wells. Are you ready to get into the hole for the sake of a photo? Like, for example, someone shown in this photo.

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  • Shure, that hole in the picture is on opening for a cave or opening in a cave. Different then digging a hole and entering it without supports in place. My family owns caves in Kentucky and I do it all the time. If you are not claustrophobic, use common sense, do not lose your head and panic, it is fun. I try and have a “buddy” with me just like when deep diving. Some things are best not done alone, part of that common sense statement. I am not a certified cave diver. But it is something I would do.

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