XP Deus doesn’t see the coil. Are XP scared of fakes?

What to do if the XP Deus or 4.1 wireless headphones don’t talk to the v5 coils? If, for instance, the XP Deus can’t find the X35 coil? Here’s some useful information to all XP Deus owners. There is a solution! It seems like the French manufacturer have become seriously scared… Of the fact that somebody is launching the production of aftermarket coils in a moment? At least, there isn’t any other explanation to this so far. If it’s true, it only remains for us to rejoice at XP Deus owners’ future.

I have the XP Deus remote and WS4 headphones in version 4.1, plus a new X35 coil (34/28 cm) in version 5. I need to make a complete set of this equipment and I surely want it to be operational, not just a bunch of parts. At a first glance, what could be simpler? But while on my way to putting this into practice I faced a really big problem…

What’s the usual way to cope with such a task? You should connect the coil and headphones to the remote control, run the update and that’s all. All metal detector components are fully paired up and updated in the same version. But with me, when I tried to enter the coil number into the remote control, I ran into an issue. I couldn’t enter the last digit of the number as only “4”, “0”, “С” and “8” were available, while my coil’s number ends in “2” (you can view the video).

Where does the problem lie in, particularly? Turns out, starting from the 4.0 version you can enter the coil numbers that have been present in the database at the time of creating a new software version. In other words, I tried to enter the serial number which wasn’t recognized by the remote software, and the system (XP) offered me the numbers it was aware of. So now I should update the remote control without a new coil first and only after that add the coil number to it.

What does it all mean? First of all (and no matter how it’s shaped by XP), the manufacturer has actually added the coils verification to its system. Verification and limits. Now you won’t be able to use the coil that hasn’t been approved by the manufacturer, will you? Of course, we can believe that XP have thought of their search coil shelf life and care about their customers in this way. But I personally think that the manufacturer is fearful of aftermarket coils usage. In your opinion, can this become a reality? What if the Chinese have already hacked into XP Metal and are working on XP’s new products? As if the original manufacturer is weak and lazy, the Chinese start releasing novelties being ahead of the field.

All about the XP Deus is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the XP Deus. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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  • The DEUS metal detector achieves superior power, speed and precision, all in a lightweight and compact design. The XP search coil contains all of the essential components for processing the target signal. Stated simply, the entire detector is built in to the search coil! Unlike conventional metal detectors, the signal no longer requires a wire to convey the signal. The target signal is simply digitized and analyzed instantly and directly at the source by an ultra-miniature digital circuit. This revolutionary new design significantly improves the quality of signal acquisition.

  • HF and X35 coils doesn’t update, so update first, then enter S/N. Simple and no need for surplus panic

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