XP Deus deep nozzle and XP pinpointer! NEW 2016

XP has shown its new products 2016: a deep nozzle for the XP Deus (the wait is over!) and a new XP pinpointer. Watch the video from product presentation.




We were still waiting for the XP Deus deep nozzle in the summer of 2015 as it had already been rumored that it was being tested. However, the new XP pinpointer has appeared all of a sudden. And… its exterior appearance isn’t impressive somehow. The fake XP pinpointer was better ))


XP MI-6 pinpointer (first photo & video!)


7 Responses to XP Deus deep nozzle and XP pinpointer! NEW 2016

  • New XP Deus 4.0 ))

  • The tentative price of XP Deus deep nozzle is 800 EUR. I think it’s expensive. By way of example: the price of Garrett deep nozzle is around $300-350. The Whites TM 808 and Fisher Gemini 3, deep search detectors, are worth up to $900. Here we have 800 EUR, and it’s not yet clear how it will work and what the depth will be (I guess the depth of XP nozzle is definitely less than that of Fisher Gemini 3).

    On the other hand, Deus has always been expensive, and ‘the sect of Deus herders’ has given their money to the French people without fail. And they will also give it now, as having Deus machines – there is no escape for them ))

    • Yes, those people spending their money as they want is appalling.

    • Yeah socialism!! A job is coming for you soon. No, sorry. That government subsidized flat will be taken away! At least you still have the pub.

  • will the new v-4 run with the 9 and 11 in. coil or will you have to have the 9×6 new coil to use v-4

  • Interesting that these new additions are coming soon. I hope that they have improved the hot rock rejection on V4. The new coil is hopefully going to be a great asset out in the field

  • When will the deep nozzle come-out?

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