XP MI-6 pinpointer (first photo & video!). NEW 2016

XP has revealed the first photo of its new XP MI-6 pinpointer. Plus, the additional features of the unit… Do you need a probe with 50 sensitivity levels? See: here’s a new product 2016 – XP MI-6 pinpointer.


  • Submersible up to 6 meters!
  • 50 levels of sensitivity.
  • Audio tone adjustment.
  • Target zoom graph.
  • Research mode to locate a lost MI-6.
  • Battery level indicator.

The XP MI-6 adjustments are made via the XP Deus remote control. It’s for those who are the XP Deus owners. For all the rest, this XP MI-6 pinpointer is almost usual – sound and vibration response, 6 search programs (what is it?), 3 sensitivity levels, 2 options of sound mode (discrimination?).



What is more, they promise up to 90 hours of continuous operation without charging. The Research mode to locate a lost unit works even if the pinpointer is turned off. The time after which it’s possible to find the lost probe is several weeks… Well, you get the idea – the future has arrived ))



XP MI-6 pinpointer video (first)





All info on a new XP MI-6 pinpointer will be collected here (specs, features, videos, tests, comparisons).

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