XP Deus V4 depth test. Look at this difference!

Can you name 13 reasons why people want to buy an XP Deus? Without any doubt, anyone will mention the recovery speed first. And everything kinda seems to be reasonable: you take the XP Deus, choose Reactivity 5 – and you are already a master of treasure hunting… Take a look at the results of the XP Deus V4 depth test and think it over. Best target separation is not always a good thing. So if you need the detection depth, you’ll have to sacrifice the recovery speed.

XP Deus V4 depth test. Look at this difference!

What do you think of the difference that makes 15 cm between depths? And it’s a gap within the same frequency – only the Reactivity setting (recovery speed) was changed. To get a complete picture, look at the difference in the diagonal’s view: 15 kHz Frequency / Reactivity 0 – versus – 55 kHz Frequency / Reactivity 5.

The V4 software has already come into wide use. The general section relating to the XP Deus metal detector is here (news, tests, comparisons, different opinions and reviews). On Knowledgebase pages there is also additional information about the XP Deus (specs, features, user manual, the list of coils, and more).

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  • those were air test… i think the most impressive feature of the v4 will be improved ground balance and better stability in highter frequency…

  • Funy depth test ! No target idea, no size of a target, no metal named, no ground conditions,
    no EMI, , , , just something for nothing.
    I still like my Ebinger TREX 204, simple and reliable workhorse.
    GOOD LUCK, german Peter.

  • And no comparaison with 22cm black coil in 18khz…

    White coil 22cm in 15khz goes deeper then 22cm black coil in 18khz ?? Mystery.

  • Porque o id e o ton do XP deus muda quando a bobina se afasta do alvo??e porque mesmo discriminando ferro ele registra o id e da os tons

  • you dont tell us what is the target and many other condition. i have the deus and for it the reactiviti it is not essential to find deep if you not set the correct iron volume. the reactiviti dipend from the iron vol, if i you have iron vol to 0 and reactiviti too you lose deep. you lose deep also if you setting invers. because betwen reactiviti and iron vol must to be 1 point to different setting to go deep. the reactiviti dont compromise research if it is hight and you work on the medieval site infested from iron. the better value it is iron 3 reactiviti 2,5 formany general site. you can fain 2-3 cm with iron vol ‘ and reactiviti 1 to clened site. discrimination it is an important paramter how the silent. it is correlated to find deep and small target or lose these. if you put the silent value to 1 or more, you lose all smal target how a small silver coin. the notch it is a parameter very good and important to working deep bet important to the discrimination value and reactiviti to stabilized the maschie . i can find a roman as to 40 cm in ground if the ground condition are very good, but it is possible only with 11coil and frequency 8khz. with other frequency or not well ground you lose all to 30cm. the best program for the deus it is only if you stabilized the maschine with the notch. in the medieval site, with a hf coil you can find a small mixture medieval coin to 15cm also with 5 to reactiviti setting and with the notch you dont have a torture from iron.if you go with negative discrimination, low reactiviti and iron volume to 0 you dont go deep, only lose many good target in this condition. i m happy when people working with negative discrimination, iron vol 0 and reactiviti low, because i find where they worked. yesterday i have find 15 coins in a medieval site where many detector had worked. i m bettter? no, deus it is a good machine if you understand it
    the importants parameters on the deus are all for a profit hunt. you wrong a parameter you not find too.

    • set deus so
      frequency 11 dd coil 8khz or12(18 only for very small silver or gold nugget) . hf coil 15 or 31
      reactiviti 2,5
      iron vol 3
      silent -1
      noth only to stabilized the machine from ground and iron, but not more 15
      sens 90-98 it is not problem or important to find very deep, it not change too in the deep
      discrimination to -6,4 in the cleaned site or good ground condition, in the infested sites or not good ground you can set until to 28 value for not lose gold such us 1,5 gr gold ring
      tone 4, the first until the first notch point low, the second medium, the 3 hight and the ultimate to 98 low because it is iron answer.you can tell me that a big good target can to be lose if you set so, only you must raise the coil if you have a hight answer and head a new answer. it is a very good or maybe the best setting to find relics and old coin at the great deep.

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