Garrett Pro-Pointer

Garrett Pro-Pointer pinpointer Description. 360° side-scan detection area. Operating frequency: 12 kHz. Holster included. Battery life: up to 30 hours. Operating temperatures: -35 to +70°C.



The Garrett PRO Pointer is a hand-held pinpointing metal detector. It is designed to reduce time while determining the location of small finds like coins, jewelry and tiny historical artifacts.


The 360? detection area enables the user to effectively scan both vertical walls of the holes and horizontal ground planes. Automatic sensitivity and ground effect compensation. High impact and shock resistance, protection against moisture. The Garrett PRO Pointer is one of the most practical and easy-to-use devices. It operates on the “turn on and go” principle. The sensitivity of the device allows the user to detect finds which size starts with the fragment of the needle tip. The pinpointer has two types of alarm: sound and vibration. By switching between these modes you can search not only with combined alarms, but also in complete silent mode (vibration response only). There are two ON power modes, a quick one operates by pressing and holding the power button, and switching OFF until the button is pressed again.


Additionally, the Garrett PRO Pointer has a built-in LED flashlight. The power supply of the pinpointer is a 9V “krona” battery, the rechargeable battery use is also allowed. The continuous operation time is more than 10 hours.





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  • How do I install my Garrett pro-pinponter to be waterproof ???

  • Got a Pro-Pointer my dad had and used one day and loved it, never used one before. The next day I took it out and the thing won’t stop vibrating, I have tried turning it off and on, new battery and a penny under the cap to put more pressure on the battery. Nothing works, it just vibrates when turned on, are they junk, I have read other posts and am not impressed with what I read about them..

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