Giant sphere. Amazing finds

This is the case when you can’t take the find away with you. But the main thing is that nobody can explain what it is. See the photos: a giant sphere found (the real giant, the estimated weight is close to 30 tons!).


Bosnian archaeologist Semir Osmanagic tries to surprise the world with his discovery. He stated that he had found a mysterious stone sphere weighing 30 tons.


According to the archaeologist, this mysterious ball is at least 15,000 years old. Of course, the probability that the huge stone of perfect spherical shape was created by nature goes to zero. This is precisely why the scientist is sure that this sphere is clearly man-made. Osmanagic says this stone ball’s dimensions are considerably larger that those of similar finds in Mexico or Costa-Rica.


Semir and his colleagues split off a small boulder fragment and investigated the composition of this stone piece. As it turned out, the outer layer of the find contains a significant amount of iron that is inherently strange as for the stone.




Happy hunting to everyone! I wish we came across such discoveries that we can carry away )) For more finds, see here.

2 Responses to Giant sphere. Amazing finds

  • Its an iron concretion. Naturally formed.

    • How was it formed? It’s like a Jawbreaker in that it has layers to its center that are also like a spherical onion. I wonder how it is formed. I found about ten of these from the size of golf ball all the way to the largest the size of a large soft ball they also were layered like an onion.

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