Thracian pinpointer (cheap). NEW 2017

A €39 price for a pinpointer… It’s cheaper than Chinese-made ones! The Bulgarian manufacturer has rolled out a new product 2017 – the Thracian pinpointer. Watch the video: a depth test for the Thracian and its comparison with the Garrett PRO-Pointer.

Thracian pinpointer (cheap). NEW 2017

Proper static mode. Audio and vibration dynamic response (becomes more intense as the pinpointer is moved closer to a target). Plus, LED indication alert. 360 degree scan ability. Automatic balance when turned on. Length: 27 cm. Weight: 140 grams (w/o battery).

That is what the new Thracian pinpointer is. The Bulgarian manufacturer has a metal detector with the same name – the Golden Mask Thracian. The Thracian pinpointer is priced at €38.50 and has already gone on sale in Europe.

All newly made metal detectors are collected here. Let me remind you: the metal detecting world stands still in anticipation – Garrett is going to reveal its new metal detector on May 6.

5 Responses to Thracian pinpointer (cheap). NEW 2017

  • good one

  • Damn good and cheap! I’ve just ordered one

  • Crap!

    Ordered one, it was very pressure sensitive.
    Do not buy this shit.

  • Awesome product. Slightly less sensitive than Garrett, but can get (5) if these for the price of 1 Garrett. Buy them for your friends. Buy 1 for all your kids. :)

  • I don’t mind if it is pressure sensitive It us not a digging tool. But I am having a problem with batterry life. Garrett will run on a battery until the battery is nearly dead. It appears that if these don’t have a brand new battery 9+ volts, they stop working. I can nit afford to throw away 3 expensive alkaline batteries every day.

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