Underwater Nokta Makro Kruzer. NEW 2018 (first photo)

Makro has officially hinted that in 2018 we will see a new amphibious detector for ground and underwater search. Here’s the first photo provided by the manufacturer, so prepare the congratulations and try to guess… What sort of machine will this submersible Makro Kruzer be?

Underwater Makro Racer 3 / Makro Cruiser? NEW 2018 (first photo)

I must say that the Makro Kruzer is a conventional name, it is not necessarily the case that the new unit will be a part of the Makro Racer series. However, if we are talking about the ground search, a detector should have a screen and usually has a classical construction. The absolute leader in the Makro line-up is, of course, the Makro Racer 2. So, the new machine (even if it’s submersible) will be definitely based on this one.

And thus… It is fair to assume that the Makro Kruzer features will be as follows: Ground and underwater search (submersion up to 3 meters). Automatic and manual ground balance. A large screen with adjustable backlight. Vibrate response for perfect operation in underwater conditions. Power supply: 4 AA batteries. Comes with a stock 11 DD coil.

Also, as we can see, the Makro Kruzer coil has a cable. Earlier there were assumptions that a new Makro / Nokta detector would be wireless. By the way, the same plans were announced by FTP producing the Fisher, Teknetics, Bounty Hunter machines. They can say anything they want, however, but FTP haven’t made even wireless headphones so far (while all of the large manufacturers, except FTP, have already provided their machines with wireless headphone connections).

The main intrigue lies in frequency. Not even in values, but in… The number of frequencies the new device will have. One? Two? Three? The manufacturer already have a technology that allows them to make the detectors capable of switching the operating frequencies (the Nokta Impact). And this technology has come out to be useful and works as it should.


Here are the new details: the detector operates at 3 frequencies! And now let’s imagine this new machine (dream for a while)… The one that includes all of the Nokta Impact features, plus can be used underwater. Are you interested?


Underwater Makro Kruzer. NEW 2018 (first photo)

All info about the upcoming Makro Kruzer will be collected here. The new metal detectors 2018 are here. Please share your comments whether you are interested to know the rumors about another new super detector. Or shall we wait for an official info?

19 Responses to Underwater Nokta Makro Kruzer. NEW 2018 (first photo)

  • Wow!
    And yest again, something on the horizon is making me rethink my new machine purchase.
    Very excited.

  • It’s Makro Cruiser!

  • I’m sure it won’t be the Makro pooper.

  • everybody know that makro notka follow this scheme , nokta fors cors = makro racer (with another shape) and so on so yeah nokta impact = makro cruiser ( with waterproofing maybe another shape too).
    Every new machine is started using the brand nokta.

  • I’ll take an H2O friendly Impact under the Makro brand any day. The Nokta/Makro leapfrog practice of Nokta first and then the Makro incarnation next is obvious. And it’s A-OK with me. For the short time Nokta/Makro started to focus on their hobby division, they have been appearing to do every thing top notch. Innovation and customer service is paramount. No bias as I have loyalty TO NO brand. But the prospect of a Makro machine could lead to a sales “IMPACT” on the the other single frequency land /water machines. And from what I have heard about the Racer, Fors, and Impact, is that they are on of the only single frequency machines that wors above average in salt beaches.
    Just my 2 cents.

    • Your 2 cents worth nothing!
      Makro Bruiser is based on Makro Racer 2!
      MR2 was designed to work at three frequencies,
      the PCB is “upgradable” – it has empty spaces
      for additional chips and these additional chips are
      put into MR2’s PCB now!

  • I would not so much be interested in a waterproof impact style machine. It’s better than a single frequency underwater option, but not much. For multiple frequencies to be an advatange it must run those frequencies simultaneously or in automated sequence to get the full discrimination and ground balance benefit. As we’ve seen with BBS, FBS and multi-IQ, automated sequence is a more successful platform.

    • May be Makro Bruiser will run all three frequency simultaneously –
      we don’t know yet.

      • P.S. I have a strong suspicion that they could
        use Fisher CZ technology ( improved version of CZ)!

  • Wow E.T
    How dare I give my two cents, Next time I WILL BE SURE TO READ THE POST ORDERS.

  • Did Fisher give up their two frequency CZ patent?
    With all the lawsuits in the detecting world, how could Nokta/Makro get away with that,
    that is using the CZ technology. It seems that the only way a manufacture can come out with ” their version” of multi frequency, is for the process of transmit/receive be completely non infringing on the other patented versions of multi frequency detector operation. It seems that there is so many ways multi frequency can be done. Much R&D is required to come up with new ways of doing it.
    If anyone is going to improve on CZ technology it will be Fisher.
    I thought I heard a rumor years ago that White’s had owned the Minelab BBS technology at one time, or vise/versa.

    • I don’t LOL at all, but you are absolutely right!
      CZ technology can be improved only by Fisher itself (i.e. First
      Texas Product)!
      As you know Makro Racer 1 is based on Teknetics T2.
      Makro Racer 2 is based on Fisher F75Ltd Black.
      Makro Racer 3/Cruiser is based on “fusion” of Fisher CZ and Fisher F75.
      They all are based on FT technologies because they are made by FT!
      There will be NO lawsuits – the FT can not lawsuit itself!
      The turks pay money the american engineers work hard!
      P.S. Now you can start LOL like mad till the rest of your life without stopping!

  • Man E.T., I really annoy you don’t I. ;)

    • No, you don’t annoy me in the least! I am stone-wall calm and
      ready to meet any point of view. Any new idea will be accepted
      (investigated and rejected)!

  • Parece muito bom um deste que eu queria pra procurar metais aqui na minha regi?o nas piscinas naturais que s?o razas e aguas trasparente mais infelizmente na? tenho condi??es de comprar sou aposentado e aqui no brasil ? muito caro tenho um detector feito em casa que n?o ? aguatico quem sabe um dia deus me prepara pra comprar um deste

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