Makro Racer 3

Underwater Nokta Makro Kruzer. NEW 2018 (first photo)

Makro has officially hinted that in 2018 we will see a new amphibious detector for ground and underwater search. Here’s the first photo provided by the manufacturer, so prepare the congratulations and try to guess… What sort of machine will this submersible Makro Kruzer be? Continue reading

Nokta Storm or Makro Racer 3 or Nokta Impact 2? NEW 2018

Nokta have accidentally revealed an external appearance of a new Nokta Storm device in a promo video showing how their metal detectors are made. Well, you get the idea how it happens accidentally… But what’s this new machine? A Makro Racer 3 at last? Or Nokta Impact 2 already? Doesn’t this Nokta Storm remind you of anything? By the way, the new unit is submersible and… really wireless? Continue reading