Opening the Fisher CZ-21 step by step. Machine repair

Any metal detector breaks down, it’s only a matter of time. What is more, underwater metal detectors break down much more often than ground search ones. Here’s a step-by-step photo report: opening the Fisher CZ-21 underwater metal detector.

Remove the knobs from the controls on the detector’s front panel.


Unstick the control panel label.


Unscrew the two upper (hex) screws securing the front panel.


Unstick the two shock-absorbing strips inside the battery compartment.


Unscrew the two lower (hex) screws inside the battery compartment.


Unscrew the headphone cable strain relief. Remove the rubber gasket which provides a tight seal. Get traces of silicone sealant off the cable (so that it moves freely back and forth).


Unscrew the coil cable strain relief. Remove the rubber gasket and get traces of silicone sealant off the cable (so that it moves freely back and forth).


Pull on the detector’s front panel and take the circuit board out of the housing by pushing the panel with the coil and headphone cables.


All about the Fisher CZ-21 metal detector is collected here (photos, videos, tests, comparisons) and on Knowledgebase pages (specs, features, user manual).

8 Responses to Opening the Fisher CZ-21 step by step. Machine repair

  • Amazing information on opening the fisher CZ 21 for repairs.
    I am about to attempt this to fix my CZ21; however, I wish to know the following:
    What are the concerns in reassembling the unit regarding the waterproof integrity?
    Do I use silicone to seal the unit ?
    Please help with this query
    Thank you kindly

  • Hi Selwyn,
    My CZ21 recently broke down, I sent it back to Fisher in the states (Iam in Australia!)
    mate I cannot praise the work they did highly enough, I got a very well behaved, repaired back. It was virtually fully rebuilt !

    The price was quiet reasonable. Unless you have no other option, let someone who knows what they are doing fix it.

    • Hi John
      Unless your are in South Africa of course! then it costs around 5k to send it away …. if thats not bad enough our corrupt customs hold onto it for about a month to try extort more dues from you in order to release it quicker even though they know it is a repair … I want to start repairing mine myself !

  • Hi there

    Anyone know how to fix fisher 1225x. Mie worked well untill it started to give of chatter all the time. Even when coil is unpluged.



    • use a contact burnishing stick to clean 9v battery contacts on the fishers. seems they get surface corosion and that’s when the chirping gets crazy and noisy. wow what a difference.

      please send a dollar to this guy in ontario canada for saving u a hundred.!!!

  • The entire control box housing is loose on the shaft of my Fisher CZ-21. Is there a quick fix for this? Or do I need to open it up to tighten it?

  • Thank you for this!!!!

  • My fisher cz21 copper coil board does not respond to any reaction. Is anyone able to know the reason?

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