Pouring gold down his throat and selling him for $5,188

Items found by ordinary hunters can be really surprising… And it is not just a matter of their rarity or price. There are spooky stories underneath some finds. Here is an example: Aureus of Valerian I.


The coin found: Valerian Aureus. Material: gold, being approximately 19.2 carats fine. Weight: 3.8 grams. Obverse: the bust of Valerian I facing right, plus the circular inscription “IMP VALERIANVS P AVG”. Reverse: Aeternitas (goddess of eternity), plus the circular inscription “AETERNITAS AVG”.


At that time (253–260 AD) Emperor Valerian I had a good job – he ruled over the vast Roman Empire. Do you think it’s cool? Here’s how Valerian I spent his last days…

It was at the Battle of Edessa that Emperor Valerian I was taken captive by the Persians who treated him most unworthily. King Shapur I used his back as a footstool when mounting a horse. After a long period of humiliation, Valerian offered a huge ransom for his release. Shapur responded by pouring molten gold down Emperor’s throat. Then he ordered the unfortunate Valerian’s skin to be flayed off and, after stuffing it with straw and dung, to be exposed to public view in the Persian temple at Susa.

Many centuries later, an ordinary hunter found the coin with the emperor’s bust. And sold it for $5,188…

Want to see another amazing item discovered by an ordinary hunter? Interestingly, the find was picked up in the field that had been beat to death by other detectorists.

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