Coils for Garrett ACE & their distinctive features in practice

After all my years of metal detecting experience, I regret only one thing – I spent a lot of time on hunting with a Garrett 6.5?9 ACE PROformance coil. Not only time was lost, the crucial thing is that I left a good deal of artifacts behind. Even though I happened to come to some spots where nobody had hunted before – nevertheless, I missed my chance.

Coil size

The best size of the coil for Garrett ACE machines is 13 inches, which provides sufficient detection depth, operation at max sensitivity, and stability. It’s these very coils that will make you confident that you won’t miss most significant finds. So it’s an excellent versatile size.

But it’s possible to hunt with a 13-inch coil only at places where the concentration of finds is below average. If the concentration is higher, when each sweep picks up a signal, it becomes impossible to search with such coil. What should you do then?

In such a situation treasure hunters often try to decrease sensitivity. They are so naive… You can perform a simple test using any 13-15-inch coil: reduce the Garrett ACE sensitivity by half, take a small gold earring and test your detector’s depth. You’ll be very surprised because your machine probably won’t detect this target even at 1-2 cm depth. With reduced sensitivity, the detector will respond only to large objects.

The situations above should be solved not by decreasing the detector’s sensitivity, but by using a smaller sized coil. I know that the Garrett ACE is a cheap machine and an additional coil for it has a considerable price. But if you hunt for real discoveries, it’s this very point that will make you buy the new coils, or change your Garrett ACE into a higher level detector.

DD vs Mono

A DD coil is more preferable for most tasks during ground search. But don’t think it is DD that will double your finds when hunting with the Garrett ACE. This is not the case as it’s a cheap detector that operates in an appropriate manner.

Key points:

Tip #1. If you are still using the Garrett 6.5?9 ACE PROformance coil while searching, think of an additional one. Any coil, even an 11 DD, will be more preferable. It’s also better not to sell the stock coil but to keep it for future use when hunting in trashy areas. It does not necessarily mean you’ll be able to search properly with this coil at such spots. But it will definitely be better than 11-15-inch ones with reduced sensitivity.

Tip #2. It’s time to wrap up your Garrett ACE. Everything you became aware of this detector after the first week of hunting with it is its upper limit – the machine will never become better.

All coils made by different manufacturers for the Garrett ACE machines are collected on the pages for each model – e.g., for the Garrett ACE 250.

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  • i found the NEL TORNADO transforms the ace 150 youll get 10 inch + depth [compared to 6 max] but the extra weight means get a harness or swinging the big coil becomes a chore. prepare to dig deep holes too

  • Will any cheaper brand coil fit a garrett 150. Asking for my 8 yr old grandson. Ty

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