Very large coils for Minelab. Say goodbye to your brain!

This world hasn’t seen everything yet. Here come the 30-inch, 35-inch, and 48-inch carbon coils. The manufacturer says if you need a coil with the size of more than 50 inches, they will make it. Can it be true?







Personally I have great doubt that these coils can be helpful in real search. If you need information about the coils, it can always be found here.

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2 Responses to Very large coils for Minelab. Say goodbye to your brain!

  • Good luck with pinpointing , and say bye bye to you arm.

  • Nice coils, would be helpful to read size, price and weight together !!!
    I like them anyway and I am some how used a little bit to coils like that.
    I work with them since 1984 than the first Ebinger big Pi-loop hit the market.
    Your arm may survive, if you change the handling a bit.
    Pinpointing is just bit tricky, but also not really bad,
    if you know a bit how to run your gear.
    Good Luck !

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