Very large coils for Minelab. Say goodbye to your brain!

This world hasn’t seen everything yet. Here come the 30-inch, 35-inch, and 48-inch carbon coils. The manufacturer says if you need a coil with the size of more than 50 inches, they will make it. Can it be true?







Personally I have great doubt that these coils can be helpful in real search. If you need information about the coils, it can always be found here.

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  • Good luck with pinpointing , and say bye bye to you arm.

  • Nice coils, would be helpful to read size, price and weight together !!!
    I like them anyway and I am some how used a little bit to coils like that.
    I work with them since 1984 than the first Ebinger big Pi-loop hit the market.
    Your arm may survive, if you change the handling a bit.
    Pinpointing is just bit tricky, but also not really bad,
    if you know a bit how to run your gear.
    Good Luck !

    • Hi German Peter,please tell me who is manufaturer of these very large coils for Minelab GPX series.
      Give me please some web address,name,email or any info for contact with them.

      Thanks in advance.

  • Hello.
    I would like to know from where can I buy that very large coils for minelab above.
    Or how to contact with the manifactor of these coils and what is the name of that manifactor.

    Have a nice day.

  • 35 inch coil What does it cost. Thank you

  • Thanx for information please send me the link sale for coil

  • The use of huge coils is a mystery to most users as they have little idea what can be done with one of these.
    And yes, the bigger the better.
    Small coils are simply out of business as the surface layers have been battered to death for decades now.
    Pinpointing is not an issue here as these big coils are not after small targets. The big targets always give huge response and can be located with ease.
    As for buy buy to your arm, this is not business for sissies. You want the deep stuff, then you have to man up.

    • And still no one will say who makes them. Multiple people are asking who the company is. Candigger, no offense but, all you had to say was “it’s a secret” instead of that whole paragraph

  • Jo where can I by coli! Minelab can u help?

  • Hello.
    Are 30 “, 35”, 48 “coils for gpx5000 made by your company,
    If you made it, what would it cost?
    Is there a device test video,

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