Deep nozzle for… a pinpointer? NEW 2016

Deteknix has rolled out a new product 2016. At first glance it seems to be an underwater mini metal detector. But it’s just on the face of it… Look at the first photo! Isn’t there anything you are bewildered by? Actually Deteknix striked out a new accessory – deep nozzle for a pinpointer.


Except this photo provided by Deteknix, there isn’t any other information as yet. Clear that it’s a novelty 2016, waterproof one, works like a mini metal detector. Looks like as if a pinpointer has been equipped with a nozzle, to provide greater depth and ground coverage. New info will be added…

All the new products 2016 are collected here. The most unexpected one is from XP – a new DEPAR DPR 600 machine (XP Deus clone).

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