Robot with metal detector. Video (interesting)

How to increase the number of items to be found by ordinary treasure hunter? To make him hunt more. How to increase the number of items to be found by robot’s owner? He should add one more robot to his fleet.

Anyway, the time will come when robots with metal detectors appear in the fields. And no matter how effectively these ones will work at first. 100 newbies will find more discoveries in total than one pro.


Dron with metal detector…





3 Responses to Robot with metal detector. Video (interesting)

  • lot of progress to make this thing good. But there still lof evolution on the shaft to be made on the regular detector , for exemple reduce the weight by putting and air cushion around the disk like and overboard , remove the shaft and put the disk directly on your shoes ( some chineses brand did that on flip flop) etc.

    • i am busy with this metal detecting project so i need someone to help me of how to make it

  • Good day please explain to me how does this robot work and its purpose

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