Deteknix Scuba Tector. NEW 2017

Deteknix has rolled out a new product 2017. At first glance it seems to be an underwater mini metal detector. But it’s just on the face of it… Look at the first photo! Isn’t there anything you are bewildered by? Actually Deteknix striked out a new accessory – deep nozzle for a pinpointer.


Except this photo provided by Deteknix, there isn’t any other information as yet. Clear that it’s a novelty 2017, waterproof one, works like a mini metal detector. Looks like as if a pinpointer has been equipped with a nozzle, to provide greater depth and ground coverage. New info will be added…



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  • Deteknix Scuba Tector

    Deteknix Inc. Introducing the new Scuba Tector. 60M or 200 FT waterproof. Easy to control touch buttons. Better readability LED. Powerful Pulse Induction.


  • Hey. My opinion is a great device. This summer on vacation, for 10 days he entertained me well, and pleased me with excellent finds in the water. In the photo only some of them.

  • To share my two cents on this detector is……..It is pretty good. NOW

    Like many other detectors the first version was hit or miss or not so good, this one in the retune aspect. The first couple I had went bad in that they would not retune and go into a permanent falsing.

    I learned if I held it to large metal it would start acting more correctly but it would lose a little depth or sensitivity not being balanced and then the next time it was powered off and back on the process would start again. I sent one in couple years ago to get another that eventually did the same thing. I was then sent the new version that has a reset or retune button under the cap and an LED indicator light on the coi along with quest stamped on the coil. It worked well.

    I ended picking another one up from Kellyco, a return. It was the old version and eventually did the same thing. I reached back out to them and they said it was old and past warranty off of the serial number. After explaining that merchants still have the old version and that serial numbers cannot be used they accepted the warranty replacement return. So save your receipt or proof purchase you may or may not need it. They seemed to know that the old version is still available from venders on Amazon and ebay also. So, they took the warranty of my word and it was fine.

    Just be aware if purchasing one, that like with other pinpointer style detectors the first versions are often problematic and the manufacturers will often not advertise the discrepancy and fix for obvious reasons while putting out the updated and fixed version. The first version was the Technetics before they were sued then repackaged as Quest.

    Pretty easy to spot the differences the updated version has the LED and product name stamped on the coil.

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