XP Deus after Garrett AT PRO. Comparison

In my opinion, the XP Deus metal detector is one of the best machines for amateur search of historical finds. Here’s a comparison: what a hunter obtains using the XP Deus after the Garrett AT PRO.

The XP Deus price can easily cover the cost of two Garrett AT PRO machines, but if you want to know at once what the difference is, conduct a simple test… Place a nail-coin-nail in a single line with a minimum distance and pass the Garrett AT PRO coil over it first and then the XP Deus one. An amazing capability to separate targets lying close together is one of distinctive features of the XP Deus.


The second distinctive feature of the XP Deus is discrimination accuracy. Compared to the Garrett AT PRO, hunting with the XP Deus results in a smaller number of holes where unwanted find are detected. Furthermore, the XP Deus has an ability to switch between several frequencies (low, middle, high). If you have a dubious signal, switching to another frequency doesn’t allow you to miss your super hoard.


For example, take some copper coins and stack them up. Pass this stack of coins over the coil edgeways – most metal detectors will identify them as iron. But if the detector operates at low frequency, you’ll obtain a clear coin signal. It’s impossible to recheck a dubious signal with the Garrett AT PRO that operates at a single frequency.



When you take the XP Deus after the Garrett AT PRO in hand, you feel unusual lightweightness of the detector (about 1kg). Absence of the coil cable (the XP Deus has a wireless coil) gives you total freedom in adjusting the height.


Changing the height of the XP Deus is provided with a few simple movements: open the camlock-set the height-close the camlock. In order to adjust the height of the Garrett AT PRO, you need to disconnect the coil cable plug from the control box and to wrap the cable around the shaft again. Moreover, the height of the Garrett AT PRO isn’t changed smoothly – with a fixed step size only.


A 9-inch XP Deus coil has an excellent depth as for its size (I haven’t seen a deeper one among other metal detectors with the 9-inch coil). But along with that, the XP Deus with this one is losing out to the Garrett AT PRO with an 11-inch coil in depth.


There is a coil of similar size (11 inches) – the XP 11 DD Deus, but… I didn’t like it in practice.



A large XP Deus 3428 coil provides a significant increase in depth, but false responses and mistakes in discrimination appear at that (compared to the 9 XP Deus coil). There are difficulties in detecting small finds using the pinpoint mode. For instance: with this coil, a coin often turns out to be not in the centre of a hole, but in its side wall.


Also, the XP Deus has additional capabilities which are absent in the Garrett AT PRO. The wireless remote control of the XP Deus can be placed anywhere – on the wrist like a watch, on the belt or simply in a pocket. The XP Deus wireless headphones make it possible to hunt without the remote control – you can run the detector from the controls on the headphones.



Recovery speed test. XP Deus vs Garrett AT PRO

The Garrett AT PRO is a ground and underwater detector (amphibian machine, submersion up to 3 meters). Last year, XP released an underwater kit for the XP Deus that also allows the detector to be submerged underwater.

All about the XP Deus is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the XP Deus. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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  • Thanks for this interesting comparison! I am currently looking to upgrade to a top of the line detector and have been considering the Deus for a while.
    Would you mind elaborating a bit on why you did not like the 11 inch coil “in practice”?
    It it just the shape and size that is a bit awkward to use, or does it not perform depth- or otherwise compared to others?

    I live in Belgium and my primary search locations are often disturbed and polluted by agricultural activity (nuts and bolts and broken off pieces of plow in the ground, litter, soda cans etc), and some of the more interesting areas where there used to be Roman presence have often been searched quit extensively before.

    So I read that the Deus does a great job at picking up signals others will miss. And to cover more depth I was thinking of buying the one that comes with the 11in coil instead of the 9, hence the above question.

    Many thanks in advance!

  • Witam. Cewki 11” s? bardziej popularne jest to nowa konstrukcja. Cewki 9” lepiej w terenie sprawdzaj? si? za?mieconym.

  • Mate, you are far away from the reality, or you work for xp. I have both, full xp deus and a at pro. In the beach At pro, any day anytime wins. In the field, the xp deus has two better things, depth and weight. At will pass near a target and will warn you even if its on the side, xp deus you have to go slower and its like a donkey that only sees straight. If i have to choose i take the pro, and its half price.

  • Try out this, hear a bottle cap in the deus and hear one in the pro. That is a good test.

  • Hi there,

    this is Jan from gutfund.de and i have both detectors.
    Paulo, what you’re thinking about the AT PRO and the DEUS was right, but there was a gamechanger.
    In the beach, the DEUS with software version 4.0 is working very well.
    Actually in the coast water i prefer the AT PRO.

  • A Golden Mask UK Edition/ Thracian/ or Tangra UK can keep up with the Deus at a fraction of the cost!

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