XP Deus great response. Video is impressive!

Have you ever gone hunting in high trash areas? Watch the video of the XP Deus with a factory standard coil. How the detector copes with iron and coins arranged in a row. It is impressive!

The main problem is that the metal detector starts to respond simultaneously to several targets; it is extremely difficult to understand what to dig. It is clear, when the manufacturer says about a powerful processor, response and recovery speed.

All about XP Deus is collected here (finds, news, videos, tests, comparisons) and on Knowledgebase pages (features, specs, manual, coils for XP Deus).

One Response to XP Deus great response. Video is impressive!

  • Looking to purchase a AT PRO….or…XP DEUS…big difference in price,,,is it really worth it,,,l would be lookin for coins,,jewelry,,and whatever it finds,,, also in water,,,knee high only,,,pls give me your opinion,,,,

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