Wireless headphones for Garrett AT. NEW 2016

Deteknix has announced wireless headphones for Garrett AT PRO and Garrett AT Gold. They will go on sale at the beginning of 2016. See the photo: Deteknix Garrett AT wireless headphones.


This particular kit is called Deteknix Wire-Free WA H3, there is also another option – Deteknix Wire-Free WA H6. It is distinguished by the very headphones (a transmitter for Garrett AT with jack is the same).


For those who will place an order, don’t mix it up… Deteknix is a manufacturer. The Wire-Free are wireless headphones. The WA is a transmitter for Garrett AT PRO and Garrett AT Gold with jack. The H3 are lightweight headphones. The H6 are large headphones.

Deteknix also has the transmitters with other jacks. The W3S has a 3.5 mm jack. The W6S comes with a 6.35 mm one (thick jack, like in most detectors). The WR has a 6.35 mm jack socket input.






But they don’t look like underwater ones, do they? Or can they also be used underwater?

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  • hello….

    I’m very interesting wireless headphones Garrett AT Pro, what is the price the headphones?

    Best wishes
    Timo Leskinen

  • I have used and returned two sets of the standard Deteknix Wireless headphones because of a constant problem with the transmitter and receiver losing contact with each other while hunting. If you hunt with a machine in silent search modes and high discrimination , you could well hunt for a long time without knowing you had no sound. I have contacted the factory which admits the link up is vulnerable to interference from cellphones signals and other RF in urban environments. I only know of one individual who has not had to return their headsets because of this issue but have been in contact with a half dozen who have had the same issue and opted for the same resolution as myself.
    It is a shame as the overall concept , quality and sound is great but the performance is sporadic and inconsistent.

  • video added

  • I have two sets that I got for Christmas and both pairs have been stellar. I love them. The weight and the sound along with not have a cord encumber me while detecting is awesome.

  • like to know the price from this headset.

  • Where can I buy these in Canada? The places in the states so t ship here. Would really love to go wireless.

  • Just bought the WA, H3 set. So far loving these things. Price was something like $106 dollars, that was total with shipping off Ebay. Currently appears out of stock. Lag is not even noticable. Sound is great, has volume control. Ran over 4 hrs on one charge. Probably goes longer than that?.Only complaint would be the rubber band that holds the receiver to the shaft.

    • I have the same problem with the rubber bands also. Try and use a girl or woman’s Hair tie it’s a smaller rubber band with soft cotton around it. Then put it on the same way as the huge one’s they sent. They work great they hold it much better. Or a bike flashlight rubber band works also but there more spendy. Hope this helps……

  • Bought these abot a week ago. Lost the rubber band on my first hunt. In silent conditions, strange echo is heard after each signal. I am not sure why these headphones have forward and rewind buttons :D Do not spend your money on this cr@p. Buy bluetooth headphones and transmitter and make your own wireless set.

  • I have no experience with lag or delay. But the rubber fastner was too flimsy. So I used velcro tape on the rod and transmitter. works like a charm :)

  • I purchased the Detekniex wireless headphones last month and they are Amazing !! So easy to set up and easy to mount. It took me 1 minute to fall in love with the headphones so light and easy to change volume level while walking and the sound is so much clearer than the Original huge muffs. I am telling everyone I can these are worth every penny. It’s a must have to be free of cords and paying for battries both charge with USB.

  • There is no problem with lag. I forgot one thing that was a problem but very easy to get around the rubber bands that come with to hold the receiver to the shaft do not hold it on tight and can fall off. So I used my wife’s rubber hair tie and put it on the same way that held it on very snug and tight. They are very cheap if you don’t have any laying around $1.00 for 20 bands at your local store. Otherwise a bike flashlight rubber band works also on eBay but there more spendy. Hope this helps my fellow Detecting friends…… Happy Digging……. _/’

  • nice headphone
    no lag and delay.. easy for digging

  • I have the Deteknix WA set up on my AT Pro with the lite phones but they are not a good fit and very flimsy.

  • I would like to know if you can use a different headset (I’d like to get a single ear setup I wonder if you could pair it with the transmitter) I have the Deteknix at pro

  • Wondering if anyone has had any issues with cross signals when more than one wireless headphone user is working the same area?

  • Transmitter broke after 6 month. Very low build quality.

  • Is there a way to use my new incredible flips,headphones whit my AT pro Thanks Dan.

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