Nokta Simplex Plus teardown (new). In pictures

Here’s a pictorial review of the Nokta Simplex Plus teardown. Let me remind: it’s a new product 2019. Want to see what’s inside the unique device? An interesting survey and a must-see for everybody who wants to buy this detector.

Nokta Simplex Plus teardown (new). In pictures

Nokta Simplex Plus teardown (new). In pictures

Nokta Simplex Plus teardown (new). In pictures

Nokta Simplex Plus teardown (new). In pictures

Nokta Simplex Plus teardown (new). In pictures

Nokta Simplex Plus teardown (new). In pictures

Nokta Simplex Plus teardown (new). In pictures

Nokta Simplex Plus teardown (new). In pictures

Nokta Simplex Plus teardown (new). In pictures

All about the Nokta Simplex is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Nokta Simplex. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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    • Bonjour ,
      Comment avez vous fait pour démonter la télécommande ?

  • buen trabajo amigo c?mo podr?a incorporar un emisor blutut para unos cascos ???
    ser?a posible hacerlo hay espacio??? una vez abierto no le entrar? agua??gracias amigo

  • More “simplex” is not possible ;-))

  • You seem to know the subject ;-) thanks for your post…
    Do you witch kind of emitter (bluetooth?) use Nokta for the wireless headphones? I’m trying to pair another headphones with frequency between 2402 and 2480 Mhz.

    • For those who search the information, it is a Nokta wireless propertie connection. No chance to simply connect another headphone than a Nokta one… Maybe a bluetooth dongle

  • if you want a work around,,yes it’s cheap..
    I found any old pair of earbuds (with the 1/8th inch plug) and bought a 1/4 inch to 1/8th inch adaptor,,

    Then you can use the 1/4 inch size plugin wire that came with the simplex,,,its Cheaper than the 100.00 headphones . it works great hardwired if you don’t care about wireless
    When I Do use a headphone, I like having only one ear plugged into my detector anyhow,,then I can hear around me with the other or listen to tunes or my comedy radio in the free ear.
    The ear buds only work on one side anyhow since it’s mono,, not stereo listening. It is entirely possible to get a Y adaptor setup and hear both music and detector at the same time. Good luck,, happy scavenging.

  • Nice Info, thanks! Two questions please,

    Would you happen to know the pinout for the charger/headphone 8 pin circular connector?

    Do you know where the 8 pin connectors are sourced or who the manufacturer is so that I can make a cable?

    • You can try hearing audio with an external speaker with a pair of wires conected to them and touching with other side into the pins. But, if will try it, do it by your own risk, because the speaker can be a short circuit to the pins other than ground, left and right channels, it can damage sometihng. ;)

    • Hi am I talking to someone that can fix my moms Nokta makro plus the on and off button broke I believe. Not to sure though it just won’t come on. And my mom is 71 and I got it for her birthday last year and we metal detect together and she really injoys it a lot its are thing that we do together. She’s getting up there in her years so I would like to get in as much detecting as we can if you know what I mean. So if you can help us I would appreciate it alot

  • Hola disculpa con el voltimetro (tester) cuanto voltaje da? Veo qu? en la pila tiene 7v pero mi detector en lectura solo tiene 4.21v

  • Hi all
    does anyone know of a good hard case shell that my nokta simpex+ would fit in with everything that came with it. cheers Dave

  • Where can we source spare parts for the simplex?

  • bravi molto interessante una veduta in grande del pcb e parti del simplex,
    penso sia ora il metal detector piu venduto al mondo
    noi li abbiamo le parti ricambi tutti in laboratorio, per chi interessano

  • Any coil spec fo diy build here?

  • connector broken i don’t know which wire goes to which place if anyone knows please answer. Thank you

    • Hello, did you ever get your answer? I’m looking for the wiring pinout for the headphones

  • sorry any of you have the wiring diagrams of the simplex sp28 coil?

    do you know if there is a mcb on board the reel?

  • Hello mdhunter I have problem I do not know why the Simplex+ does not turn on. It is possible that the battery wire was removed after it fell to the ground or from the battery itself got damged. I hope you can help me because the warranty has expired. How do I open the screen? the screws is under display Is there video clip for that or Anything that explains it thank you very much.

  • I am curious about the part numbers on all of the IC’s. I am an old Texas Instruments guy and would really love to try and understand how it is generating it’s drive signal and how much power it is driving into the coil.

  • Preciso de uma tela do nokta makro simples + qual o valor

  • i need for electric diagram of nokta simplex plus

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